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Pilots have not warned about the new system Boeing

Boeing He did not warn pilots about the function of the new flight management system to 737 MACS, which is probably part of the investigation into the accident last month Indonesia, says pilots these planes fly off United States of America.

The pilots They say that, unlike popular people, they have not been trained in the new anti-aircraft system functions previous example 737.

An automated system will help pilots to escalate the aircraft, which can automatically reduce the aircraft.

However, if the Nose Decreasing order is caused by a wrong sensor, it is considered a tragedy. Lion Air, pilots can be problematic airplane, May comply with the safety bulletin or may be impacted Boeing and security managers.

The bulletin lists new data on the exclusion of uncontrolled incidents, pilots say.

"It's something we have never had before. This is not part of our regulation. There is no American airline, "says Dennis Tajer, a 737 pilot and a representative of the American Airlines Pilots Union. "Now I'm surprised, what else can you know?"

John Wiles, president of the Southwest Airlines pilot union, told The Wall Street Journal: "Boeing did not inform the companies, and the pilots did not receive any warning."

MAX is a new version of the Boeing 737, the two engines. More than 200 are delivered to American, Southwest and United Airlines all over the world. As South Western spokesman Brandy King said, the new automated shunting system is not included in the MAX Model Operating Guide.

The United States and the United States did not immediately respond to comments posted.

President and CEO of "Boeing" Dennis Muelenburg believes that Chicago company is MAX reliable aircraft. Boeing did not keep track of airline operations and flight operations information, according to Muenenburg.

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