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Poll shows the incentive for cryptocurrency in Colombia. | CryptoNews


The Cryptocurrency market is developing in Colombia. A poll conducted by the Colombian population on the Paxul trading platform, supported by the Toluna Insights Consumer Information Firm, showed that 86.5% of respondents are familiar with cryptovolyuts and most of them (79.7%). %) Bitcoin said that you are your favorite.

About who they know and invest in cryptocurities, the overwhelming majority (about 80 percent) could buy bitcoin, Investing 3.26% on the air, and an interesting 4.7% invests in byteekin.

The investigation emphasizes this fact 91% of respondents believe that "cryptocurrency sets the world trade prospects".

Paxful / Toluna Insights surveyed more than 1,000 Internet users in Colombia who voluntarily participated in a July online poll. 62% of respondents were women, and 59% of people aged between 18 and 34, according to CriptoNoticias.

While 80% of respondents were ready to invest, the report shows some reluctance to use cryptovalves as a financial alternative. as only 20% of these alternatives were supported. For reasons of non-investment, about 40% of them do not initially invest in the transaction because they do not know the procedure, more than 32% hinder their mistrust, and 6.5% consider investment risks. the absence of regulation.

After analyzing the numbers, The study reveals that Columbus has a growing perceptionin particular, 58.7% of respondents believe that the number of people using crypto currency will increase, and 11% believe that there are strong movements to support this system.

The responses from the respondents can be summarized below Colombians' view of cryptocurrency is positive and gives hope. Many consider it a major technological advancement that needs to be taken in a good form of investment (60.5%), a positive example of globalization (over 13%) and a certain amount of time (less than 20%).

On the other hand, less than 1.48% believe these are suspicious transactions and 4.45 percent are afraid of the change in the currency value.

Advantage of cryptocurrency in colombia

Paxful / Toluna Insights reports this many believe that Colombia is on the positive side When strengthening the cryptocurrency ecosystem, CriptoNoticias has asked the opinion of the crypto-market maker in this country, for example, the Panda exchange house, Tippon Sanchez, CTO.

"The Colombians are ready to adopt new approaches in the economic sphere because the country's financial system is very expensive, where the average cost of a bank transfer is $ 2, which gives the Colombians access to options. However, they are likely to be fraudulent, as the lack of regulatory clearance will allow Bitcoin to be deployed in most frauds and pyramid systems. "

Typson Sanchez, Panda KTO.

Regarding the fact that bitcoin can be purchased by cryptocurrency, Sánchez thinks it is more likely than Ethereum. Bitcoin may conflict with the nameand, accordingly, he said, "There is a lot of street power to popularize other altohexines, but actually traded – bitcoin."

The fact that the survey was conducted on the Internet could explain the high percentage of Colombian acquaintances (86.5%), compared with a similar survey conducted in Australia a year ago in the United States. and some European countries have shown that 66% of the respondents have heard about cryptocurrency. In the case of Internet users, information about cryptocurrency is more exposed than a group that is not interacting with model networks in Colombia.

What's going on

The report concludes that Colombia has been deciding decently in the cryptocurrency industry. So much of the curiosity that the Republican Bank, the Central Bank of Colombia, is part of the DLT Initiative, which has already been distributed to raise the rising rate of users who want to rely on Cryptanalysis. .

In this regard, 58% of respondents think that the country is on the right track, and the presence of regulatory legal acts ensures reliability and allows many people to make investments and deals using cryptovaluations. The Congress has recently rejected a bill regulating cryptocurities,

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