Friday , August 19 2022

Pop.Up Next: The Audi and the Airbus Flying Taxi are now real


The prototype searches for traffic in the future city

It is about 100 kilometers in the air

Audi and Airbus officially offered Pop.Up a future, future flight, electricity and autonomous taxi predicting the prototype. Currently a 1: 4 scale model that has completed some trials in a real-time situation.

The Pop.Up Next The event is part of the Drone Week in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There we saw the success of the Audi project Airbus, The Italian firm collaborated Italdesign. The prototype protects the scale of 1: 4 in the previous scenes but confirms that its creators serve it over the next decade.

Novel Pop.Up Next, a self-controlling zero emission machine, widely defined as an electric, a flight and an autonomous taxi, and has a configured cockpit like a passenger aircraft. The good functioning of the system is currently being checked by various models of Voom, one of the subsidiary companies located in South America via Airbus.

The the car It has a modular structure that allows you to divide into three autonomous and independent parts. The first is a passenger cabin with a length of 2.5 meters. Both transport modules also live together: one-wheel drive, with 130 km of autonomy, the second – 8 km, 100 km long flight time and full charge of 15 minutes.

"Many people move to cities, and in the future older people, children and drivers can use a robot taxi comfortably," Drone Week Bernd said. Martens, Procurement & IT Director Audi.

This is not the only airline project in the lyceum Audi. There is an initiative City air traffic, Aiming to launch an air taxi operating at the four ring brands in Ingolstadt (Germany), a clear indication of their desire to adapt to the future of mobility.

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