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Prince Royce and Mark Anthony, Bronx Brotherhood


Photo: Courtesy Satus Media


Honesty in the Bronx is absolute. Prince Royce and Mark Anthony were born in New York near the hip-hop, where Latin America originated a few years ago, and derived from the genres of music from the streets. They represent two different worlds, one of which is the bachata, and the second – the salts to the bones.

They were together Attorney, which means that JLo is the second genre.

We have friends for several years and he can bring it to his first bach, and he always sings well. When I took Bakhat, I remembered Shakira and Mana's other classmates. Artists who do not belong to the music style, but for the first time did and did.

There were many nights when listening to music, singing and transiting, and conducting several sessions. I want to make songs like this The locust (With Malum) and Becky G. (Bubalu). They were going here because there are no genres of music for me, "he said on the phone.

Prince Royce says only because songs are coming from the reggaeton, so people should not be surprised when it comes to city music. Then he liked the bachata, and the rest – the story.

Attorney tells the story and talks between two artists: Prince Knows that Mark is a woman of his dissatisfaction.

Excelsior He asked the Prince 29 if he had anything to do with it, he had taken it completely.

Here is a man who is involved in night clubs, night life and women. I can have something in my life that will allow me to be afraid of things and people.

Thank God, I do not take drugs or fight alcohol, but I took it, but I'm not absolutely dependent, and sometimes only, "he said.

Five "The Prince's last album, but it may end soon, as the singer will be preparing for the return in 2019 and will go to Mexico through the show program, which will soon be the scene of Ha.

We live in a completely universal world, where I can write a crib record or go into reggaeton, pop, or mariakis Unconditional, From my disk II stage. Bahira is a genre that carries my heart, but it makes me glad to go to J Balvin or Bad-Bunyi, "he said.

The only presentation of Prince Royce in Mexico, which is the end of 2018, will take place on November 24 at Foro Sol, where he will share the post with Exa 2018 and Gloria Trevi and Pepe Aguilar.

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