Tuesday , August 16 2022

Real Madrid defeats Rome Sports Leader


They forced Italians to the highest level in their groups and got tickets for the eighth place

REIMER CARREÑO CARACAS.- Real Madrid won an important victory with a score of 2: 0 against the Italian team 2: 0 in the Italian ground. Thus, 12 members were added to the Champions League as the leader of the Group G team.

In addition, they both went to the next round of the European tournament without playing the game, thanks to Viktoria Pilsen's victory against CSKA.

The game was dominated by Real Madrid from start to finish. He scored the 47th minute goal of Welsh striker Gareth Bale. He scored the ball to the players. Backbone lines in Rome.

The second blow from the White House was on the 59th minute when French striker Karim Benzema made it possible for Spanish midfielder Lucas Vatskez to make the ball happy.

Managing his own game to protect the three real points from Real Madrid's advantage up to the last three cents, he made his daily pre-tournament where he was comfortable and artificial in his legend in the last three seasons.

On the other hand, he has won six victories in six Olympic stadiums in Rome.

Rome, in its turn, won the second place in the region and was surprised by the start of the season with its magnificent and glorious capital.

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