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Rector Oblica is calling on Sunday's election simulation


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(Caracas, Nov. 9, News24) –Vice-President of the National Election Council (CNE), Sandra Obregon, called on the public to take an active part in the electoral simulator this Friday Selection of consultants to be held on Sunday, November 11, scheduled for 8 am and 3 pm on Sunday.

From Plaza to Bolivar in Caracas, Oblitas allowed organizations to campaign on November 11 to support their political supporters and, in turn, may be familiar with the voting process.

This event will allow evaluates time, accommodation quality, process performance and all technical aspects of the electoral body and logistics, he said.

Municipal councils' elections cover the entire cycle of popularization of all popular and regional trends, "Oblitsa said.

In her statement, she told about this 1,154 cars were commissioned in 373 polling stations for simulation election

-Audit Processes –

The vice-president of CNE noted that according to the election schedule, some were registered with voter registration, voter registration, voter registration, and computer software. voting.

Audits will be made shortly machine archives, software upgrade, technological infrastructurebesides, all planned audits concern organizations' participation in political goals, "he said.

Equations in Applications

"CNE works to ensure the progress of women's political rights," says Obregonas, who has made significant progress in the past election processes for political purposes.

However, gender equality standards have been included in this automated automated system no sex should be less than 40% and not less than 60% "When they make their nominations, they must rely on this fact, and, in practice, the equality of appeals is far more effective," he said.

National competition

On December 9, three groups of national characteristics that will be involved in the electoral process: the Social Project, the Education Assembly and the Foundation for Decent People, each consisting of over 600 observers in Venezuela. These national competition organizations have joined CNE in various electoral processes.

Election campaign

On November 22, organizations with national, regional and indigenous organizations will start the campaign. CNE "calls for leadership within the respect of political institutions, the basis for a proposal that would encourage voters and readers voluntarily each of them, "said vice president Sandra Oblita.

Date of recognition

This Friday, CNE held a Day of Recognition of Voting Machines at Bolivar Plaza in Caracas as part of an election fairs in more than 700 locations throughout the country.

Two voting cars were installed during the dayCitizens can prove how this can be modeled on Sundayand on December 9 municipal elections will be held.

Passenger ID card with laminated cards has applied to operators who checked fingerprints to activate the process.

"This process is simple and prepares elections for someone, I still go to Simulakrum «said Oscar Morillo, after checking the system.

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