Wednesday , May 18 2022

So in the morning you need a cup of coffee


Drinking coffee in the breakfast leads not only to the growth of energy - photo: Pixabay

Drinking coffee in the breakfast leads not only to the growth of energy – photo: Pixabay


Coffee in the breakfast can counteract not only energy and entertainment, but also the development of both Alzheimer's disease by Parkinson's disease, According to a new study by the Kremlin's Brain Institute Research Institute of the Kremlin in Toronto (Canada).

Coffee consumption, although low risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's development, is similar to correlation, – explains the doctor. Donald Weaver, Co-Chair of the Kremlin's Brian Institute. But we wanted to know why, what kind of compounds they are involved, and how they can affect the cognitive decline associated with their age. "

Dr. Weaver asked for help Dr. Ross Mancini, a research fellow in medicine chemistry and professor of biological science Yanfei Wang is studying three different types of coffee: light fried, frozen and frozen deco-fused.

In the early experimental tests, bowl and caffeine had the same potency as caffeine, so we noticed that its protective effect is not related to caffeine, "he explained.

Later, Dr. Mancini discovered a group of compounds called phenylindanes that emerged as a result of the process of roasting coffee beans. Phenylindins are unique because they are the only compounds in the study, which exclude two protein fragments in Alzheimer's and Parkinsons' spaces, ie beta-amyloidase and mountain clustering.

Thus, phenylindones are double inhibitors. It was very interesting, we did not expect it, "said Dr. Viver.

Because coffee roast is made in large quantities phenylalane, dark toasts look like defenseless rather than bright toast. "This is the first time that a person studies the phenylalanine interaction with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's responsible proteins," says Mancini. "The next step is to explore the effectiveness of these compounds, and if they can achieve blood circulation or blood-brain barrier".

Coffee consumption can cause fatigue

The presence of natural anti-synthetic compounds is also a great advantage, Dr. Viver admits. However, he admits that much more research is still required before translating into therapeutic options. "This study takes epidemiological evidence and shows that there are effective ingredients in coffee cognitive disorders. It's fun, but do we recommend coffee treatments? Absolutely not, "he warns.


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