Tuesday , January 31 2023

Socorro Hernández CNE "investing in democracy"


One of the main applications for the Venezuelan regime is Sunday, every Sunday. It will be an example of election scheduled for December 11. Although the process has filled up 8 million voters to declare their participation, it is important to recall the historic events that have been the last event that the organization has called for.

The National Electoral Commission's (CNE) Socorro Hernández rector announced that three national observation organizations will participate in the municipal election campaign simulation on Sunday, December 11, Sunday, December 9.

In the interview with Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), the rector said that the CNE Logistics Committee will be activated together with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to "move the process back to normal."

In sightseeing: CNE is planning to ratify the ANC until 2019

"We do all efforts and trials to cover all the details. The purpose of the modeling is to improve the procedural framework of the upcoming elections, "said the Rector. He also noted that these processes will provide the democratic spirit of our country. "The Venezuelan state is investing in democracy," he said.

According to Hernandez, simulation modeling is planning to develop a screening test for all citizens to assess their voting skills.

In this regard, it confirms that the officials comply with the voting certificates in boxes with respect to the results of cars.

According to him, 2000 CNE officials will work in 373 authorized centers from morning 8am to 3pm. Once complete, the process will be evaluated at all stages.

The country will have 373 centers for modeling, including 55 pilots and will work with voters at polling stations, in an interview with the rector, and the election campaign will be held on December 7, 22nd.

More than 13,000 candidates have been nominated for this election campaign, and their deputies are nominated by 2459 for their deputies. 1,694 nominees, 686 lists and 69 local organizations and associations were elected.

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