Thursday , August 11 2022

The Columbian Peso falls from February 2016 to the dollar


November 27, 2018 – The Columbian Peso has registered the largest depreciation of the dollar since February 2016 as a result of the uncertainty of international oil prices.

The average US dollar price was 3,251 pesos, ie Tuesday 3,240.65 pesos rose to 11 in the market (TRM, or Colombian peso paid for each dollar). Colombian stock exchange.

On November 27, the lowest price for the dollar was 3,228 pesos and the maximum of 3,266 pesos, of which 2450 million dollars were negotiated on 2450 deals.

As a result of the record-breaking level of Saudi production, oil behavior is expected to be stable around the clock, but markets expect the meeting of 20 developing countries and oil-producing countries. within the next ten days.

Important announcements about the future of global oil production are expected.

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