Thursday , August 11 2022

The fetus has a rare disease of more than 50 years of age, leading to the disease


In Denmark, she has died of rare dementia in the last five decades after suspicion of infection by a woman in pregnancy.

In the seventies, the woman died during the Croatsfeld-Jacob disease,rare cerebral disease, and death from infectious protein called prion. However, although he had never made changes in his genes, he was born with a mutant gene responsible for his son's prion, inherited from his fatherdied a few years ago.

"Very tragic event"

Doctors believe that this woman is infected with the baby during pregnancy because the fetal cells that carry poison proteins come to the brain through the placenta.

Ausrine Areskeviciute, a research fellow at the Drenal Prion Disease Center at the University Hospital in Copenhagen, told The Times in a statement that when a woman is pregnant, "baby's cells move through the body through a placenta, and they can reach different organs."

Marhabat's son is still alive, but, according to Areskeviciute, he has symptoms of the disease. "There is no treatment this is not a good idea"The teacher came to the conclusion that this was a very tragic event.

The case was published in the journal Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology.

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