Friday , June 9 2023

The first smartphone in the market has foldable screens


Direction innovations As in the market of mobile telephony, the market is approaching saturation, and innovations are vital for survival. technology world.

The next great invention offered by adults is foldable screens and the producer has begun to appear on the first floor of the world as a mobile product, which is more of a doubt than conviction.

Royole Corporation come Chinese and offers FlexiPai, smartphone with the ability to move forward, but does not seem to be a massive product in the market for the proposed video, as it shows a sophisticated interface and is reflected by the change of good-looking screens. .

It should be noted that the product is still a prototype of the product and it is not commercial version Since commercial launch is expected in early December, the results can be improved.

Fighting with problems

In the long run of a long standing commercial version of a mobile phone two heavyweights: Samsung and Huawei, and its announcement of its first product is in the near future.

But … why not foldable mobile? The advantages are clear: the equipment is much smaller when it is transported, but when used, it offers a much higher level of screen; On the other hand, the dual-screen developers have opened the world to discover creativity in applications and games.

However, the question is still a big and good proof that brands like Samsung are, at least, their efforts since 2014.
The Korean manufacturer says it can announce its anticipation Galaxy F (the name of the above-mentioned smartphone) Mobile World Congress early next year.

Apparently, Koreans worked hard Google interface adaptation Android this is a new experience.

It depends Apple, with respect to folded screens, suggests that the company has ceased to register flexible screens without allowing the natural integration and solid application of the product.

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