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The giant asteroid may cause the Earth in 2023


According to estimates, the spacecraft can cause the earth in 62 different periods, reports NASA. The first day the object is designed for our planet will be in August 2018

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In 2023 a asteroid width may not exceed 700 feet Earth said in a statement NASA on the British news website, Express.

According to the environmental data, on August 8, 2023, the Asteroid 2018 LF16, which can affect our planet, is the closest possible day of impact.

However, asteroid it may return to Earth's orbit on August 3, 2025 and August 1, 2025. All of the cosmic rocks have 62 days in the earth.

As reported Express, This risk of cataclysm is very low. According to the calculations NASA, LF16 has fallen against our home planet and has the potential of over 30 million people and it has a probability of 99.9999967%, which has failed.

This is the Torino Impact Risk Scale asteroid it is "zero", that is, there is no likelihood of an influx or a close proximity. But the size and number of possible impacts are a particularly challenging object that tracks it.

Most asteroids break up when they are in contact with the Earth's atmosphere.

Currently asteroid crosses over 33,844 miles an hour. Experts NASA they value asteroid Its diameter is approximately 698.8 feet (213 m).

According to the news portal, its dimensions asteroid they are twice as high as the Big Ben in London and twice as high as the Statue of Freedom statue in New York.

The NASA According to him, the impact force of the object can be eliminated as the most powerful nuclear device explosive in the surface layers of the planet, like a 50-megaton explosion of the kingdom.

Fortunately, it corresponds European Space Agency (ESA), asteroids This reduces the size of the dosage Earth once in every thousand years. In addition, a asteroid More than 65 million years ago, more than six miles (6 miles wide) to witness the destruction of asteroids that killed the dinosaurs.

Representative of the representative ESA he explained Express this is some asteroids they can be very large and may cause great damage Earth, but its estimated population in the solar system is very small. In fact, more than 90% of them have been identified and none of them believe.

"Some are very small (less than 10 m in diameter) and a small fraction of the expected population is detected, but any impact can be harmless." ESA referenced Mirrors. "The main task is to come from middle-sized people with average diameter up to tens of hundred meters."

Most of them asteroids they are in space vacuum and the damage from one of these cosmic rocks can have a considerable impact on cities or communities.

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