Sunday , April 2 2023

The Marvel's stars reply to the return of James Ganne: "Hallelujah!"


James Hannn's response to the "Guardians of Galaxy Vol 3" was not long lasting. Several Marvel directors, such as Taika Waititi or Scott Derrickson, or translators like Karen Gillan, did not allow the director to come back. James Hann was expelled from the company for several Twitter attacks on Twitter on July 11. Until this time, those who always apologized were unable to serve Disney, and Marvel changed their minds. In fact, he wrote and sent "Suicide Content 2" a few weeks ago.

«We are there»

«Welcome, James»

"Glory to Alleluia!"

I thought, 'What broke?'

Even Hann's brother, Sean Gann, an actress of the Galaxy Keeper, responded to the news in Instagram: "I'll leave this place …"

Edgar Wright, director of Baby Driver, She got a screenshots interview with Hann, where she was happy about her:

"Galactic caregivers"

Feedback from fans

But not only Marvel's actors and directors, After the release, social networks shone brightly upon hearing about the return of Gunn.

Dave Bautista's campaign to get the director back Not all these months were noticed for fans: "We know what happened in Marvel".

"It's time to get Groots dancers!"

"James Gann has come back!"

"There is a live reaction of guardians when you hear the news"

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