Friday , January 27 2023

The new big screen phone case is questionable WORLD


How did Samsung view the future of smartphones at a recent event in San Francisco? Because of this, it may be folded in the future to have a place that prevents the screen from appearing on the phones.

Justin Denison, vice president of product marketing for the South Korean firm, has become the focus of his hearing last week: his flexible smartphone. The action is clearly aimed at demonstrating compactness, regardless of the larger screen than the modern one

It can be seen, but it may seem brief, this is enough to show the concept of the company: there is a small screen when the phone is folded on the screen; in this case, the full screen with 7.3 inches in full back, without breaking the portability to achieve functions.

Among the many questions raised by this type of smartphone, the most important is their relative convenience on a daily basis, which is resolved by Samsung's small screen sizes. However, here, as a result of the folded terminal, the trick will have a considerable amount that can not be seen today in any other phone, as is seen in the pictures.

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