Sunday , August 7 2022

The new version of Betty, The Ugly Millennium


Telemundo officially announced its new production subscription Betty in New York.

New version Betty, Uli he will mark the 19th anniversary of his premiere. It will be the first fantastic series shot in the latest technology studios Telemundo Center recently opened in Miami, Florida.

One of the most memorable and impressive stories on the world television, along with the spice that keeps the entire millennium, is the whole family's up-to-date and entertaining entertainment.

Beatriz Aurora Rincon Lausanne is a very smart and capable young Mexican who lives in New York City, overcoming his dreams and overcoming prejudices around the world. After declining her workplace for six months, Betty decided to take much less than his abilities. Thus, after entering V & M Fashion luxury jewelry company, the company's president becomes a personal secretary.

Betty does not want to be defeated in the fast-breaking fight, even though she is laughing and discriminating to avoid the shortage of style on a daily basis. But even though he has great plans for a very competent and personal growth, none of his many qualities will help Betty to face the greatest challenge: to find genuine love.

The world of Beatrice Betty Aurora Rinkon Lausanne is surrounded by incredible stars that are explained by star stars

See the video and welcome all the tape!

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