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The person who refuses will not receive any rewards


Diego Gounin Atletico is a great hero who won Madrid's Athletic Bilbao 3-2. "Pharaoh" was injured for half an hour, he was nine, as his team did not change and scored three points to Colchonero.

For Argentina Eduardo Berizzo, who did not win the first, dueling for his worst, was a great result for the Madrid team, first of all, a very severe blow to the WAR before the targeted trip, two goals scored by Ianaki Williams not only in his own record ended with three points.

Atletico faced the affected script in this league so far: against the first half. He was on the 36th minute, it was not all in the foreground, he did not let the game play good, complicated, with local lines.

He is pregnant at Atletico. It means the Madrid team, which feels uncomfortable when making a statistical proposal, even though it does not find Griezmann's lines, with two walls at the front and back of the line. In the final direction of attacks: a common area.

The Athletic did not allow Diego Simeone to do good exercises, exercises, counterattacks and finishing trainings, and then attacked Bilbao, defeating Dortmund in an attacked jam he could not afford.

Susaeta twice hit Susaet twice and shot in the arms of Yan Vlak and Atletico, and between Griezmann's paths and Diego Costa at the back of the defense, which ended with his attacking maneuvers, the shocking act of the first act, for Atlétic purposes.

Hand-painted, it upgraded the Bilbao block, to the center of the road to the center of the road from De San Marcos to the other side of Philip, with Susaetah removing from the right. Jose. With his right hand, Obla collided with a stick, and Williams (0-1) came out.

Strengthening Athletic so it needs confidence; According to Atlético's warning, Diego Costa's return was 45 minutes. Two weeks later, he was transferred to the rest of the Vittorio Friday, Friday, after lunch and work with his team. Then he moved to Montero. Entered the Portuguese Gelson Martinez.

Atletico attacked as much as possible, playing twice at the field not only atletics, but also on the field. Ianaki Williams showed … And Obak did not take it, it was 0-2.

Unexpectedly, Atletico did not try the Iago Herrerín in an hour-long play, and Thomas Partey's 1-1 and 61 minutes away). Gradually, the Bilbao team regained 1-2 points and could not reach the Godín team that passed through Iker Muniaín.

In two minutes he has kept everything with Athletics at Atletico. He and Atletico did not have the opportunity, but his opponent was waiting. Bilbao played against the clock, replacing Williams with the injuries he received from the center, with injury from God, with Thomas and Saul.

And Rodrigo was an unexpected target ten minutes later. In the center of the square there were a few titles in chapter 2-2, which was thrown by Thomas. Atletico's second time he did not stay there. He abandoned God, the nobility, the head, the reproduction, and later in the VAR at the last moments.

– Technical sheet:

3 – Atl? Tico de Madrid: Obak; Arias, Godín, Montero, Philip; Correa (Kalinic, p. 62), Thomas, Rodrigo, Saul; Griezmann and Diego Costa (Vitolo, p. 45).

2 – Athletic Club: Iago Herderin; De Marcos, Unai Núñez, Níigo Martínez, Balenciaga; San José, Benat (Nolaskojin, m. 67); Susaeta (Kappa, m.86), Munian, Yuri; and Williams (Raul García, p.74).

Purposes: 0-1, m. 36: Iñaki Wiliams denied the line after drawing Jan Oblak and San Jose. 1-1, m. 61 Thomas, out of the box trout. 1-2, m. 64: Williams attacked. 2-2, m. 80: Rodrigo Tomas has a corner kick. 3-2, m. 91: Godin starts crossing Griezman.

Referee: Sánchez Martínez (Ms. Murricano). Local residents are Diego Costa (38), Vitolo (66), Kalinic (66) and Aden (67) and Benat (49) and San José (82).

Event: LaLiga corresponds to Santander 12th tour, played 59,321 at Wanda Metropolitan Stadium.


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