Thursday , August 18 2022

The second round is the potential contenders in Barcelona


Massage The Netherlands or victory Tottenham up to Inter they gave If yes First place, but team Ernesto Valverde it did not reach the lowest level and won the Dutchman Please confirm your first position in this case Group B..

Thus, Ciudad Condal team the first round will be classified in the 16th round draw On the 17th of December in Nyon, where the umbrella box is paired with seconds of different groups and returns the destroyer At Camp Nou.

That is why five times European champion an opponent is waiting for the absence of the day when it may decide Your next European commitment, as many groups still make a decision.

C Group A., The only team that could hit Barça Borussia Dortmund. The German box still fights for lead Athletics, but if it does, Azulgrana and Rozhibankos In this round, the blades could not be seen as teams from one country. Therefore, only The Germans would be a potential opponent.

C Group C. options are very variable and dangerous at the same time. And it is Naples, PSG and Liverpool they play in the last day and play their place. Italians are the only one they depend on themselves to make it to the first place, he does it PSD it was the second case; but still it is all settled.

C Group D there is already a clear rival in the attack Nyon and that will happen Shalke 04, which will be the second one Porto. Of course, one of the most competitive a priori.

For its part, including Group E The notification procedure has not been resolved yet. And it is Bavaria and Ajax they play Amsterdam first place on the last day. The Germans have the privilege to achieve their goals Ajax second place.

C Group F The second place has not been assigned yet. He is currently Lyon it gets it, but it can lose it Miner last day Also, even City may be the second case of loss of home Hoffenheim and the French victory Ukraine.

Another possible opponent has already been settled Group G, Then Rome has the second place in property after falling back real Madrid within The Olympics.

In the end H group, it all shows Mourinho's championship It was another candidate for the eighth round. The Juventus still lost the lead and will be the second, but for this they have won Manchester United's Mestralilla and the Young Boys

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