Sunday , June 20 2021

They detained 60 people in the Viasa tower

Eligio Rojas.- There are 60 people The Tower of Visual Arts in Vias, The municipality of Libertadores was arrested Monday afternoon Special Force Efforts (Faes) Bolivarian national police officers. Also, according to unofficial reports, six people were reportedly injured in the building.

It all started with three things, and in the afternoon they pulled out their weapons to the police Jose Antonio Canales Aleman he was on duty at Avenida Bolivar Sur. 21. With the stolen weapon, people rushed to find the Vias tower by shooting an officer who had come face-to-face. Anthem was given to José María Vargas Hospital. After that

In order to know the facts, Fauz has had a number of conflicts with the pre-balance of six subjects, who entered the building above and killed informal information. In addition, Faes continued to investigate 60 people through the police system. Sector patrols and PNB and other security officials took over.

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