Tuesday , June 28 2022

They were killed in the university because they were unable to steal their cellphone at Petaré


23-year-old Yorelis Karolina died on Monday, 23rd of July, at the Balo de Petra Sector in the middle of robbery.

The young woman, who was studying for the fifth semester of the University of Santa Maria, was shot to death when she was opposed to theft of her mobile phone.

The little girl, aged 8, was taken to a motorcycle by two men, accompanied by her husband and her godmother.

The parryller ordered the firearm and ordered the delivery of a high quality mobile phone, and when he objected, he shot it. The criminals escaped with nothing.

Asking for a young woman, her assistant helped her and she was transferred to El Llantito Hospital, where she died.

Jortés lived in Castillejo de Guatire in the urbanization and his disciple (godfather's father) was murdered four months ago in the middle of the attack in Guarenas. Maracai University's mother and father in Spain.

He worked at Armandeus Hairdressers in Las-Mersedes and was planning his career at the University with his father and Spain.

On the day of the crime he went with the commander to buy clothes for the girl because she was responsible for helping her after the death of the baby's father.

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