Sunday , August 14 2022

Use of tea can help reduce the risk of repositioning


Beijing. – If you are one of the people you do not usually have drink tea You should not reconsider your diet once since the last day, as a recent study Conventional consumption can lead to high bone density.

This was explained in the profits Great results in women, which helps reduce the risk of bone fractures, so wait and prepare your cup.

Meal of tea can help reduce the risk of fractures. Photo: Foolish

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Despite the fact that the association's cause is rarely reported, according to a study conducted by the Beijing School of Public Health, daily consumers of green tea and over 30 drinkers have little fracture. Depending on your hospitalization. archives

The study paper was published this month in International Magazines and International Osteoporosis Magazines.

Meal of tea can help reduce the risk of fractures. Photo: Foolish

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Great benefit for those who use green tea

According to Professor Lee Leing, who led the study, the study covered 453,625 people selected from China's Kadoorie Biobank, and they are described as broken hospitalized.

Researchers have shown that, based on the tea consumption they offer, there is a risk of being lowered by 12% of everyday tea consumers than non-drinkers. People who drink green tea or who have been drinking tea for more than 30 years reduce the risk of 20 to 30 percent lower hip bones.

The Li fluid density has become an important health problem. Early studies have also suggested certain relationships between regular consumption of tea and increased bone density among menopausal women.

It can affect other factors, such as tea consumption and improve concentration, because still more sophisticated samples need to be explored for future research to achieve more accurate results that link the relationship between tea consumption and bone density. population.

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