Tuesday , January 31 2023

Water supply determines Panama canal expansion, says Akim


Thus, Kviano has concluded that Eupha has prospects for its flood-hitting "9.5%", ie 403 tonnes, in fiscal 2018, ending on September 30, with an estimated 8 million tonnes transported in 2017 to about 442 million tonnes.

In 2018, there will be $ 423.4 million.

There was "about 5%" in the revenues, which could be increased to 3,189.37 million by 2018, to 3,327.5 million in real terms.

"We do not know how much they are still making, but it was decided by the Board of Directors at the meeting in December, but it will be an additional one compared to last year," he said.

In 2017, this figure will be $ 1,650 million. ($ 1,593 million in the budget), and by 2018 this figure will be 1,659.2 million US dollars. Up to the dollar.

Kajango described this achievement partly as "due to the successful sales of China to prevent the United States from reducing tariffs used in the war on trade."

By the year 2025, Quidano has announced the fourth set of locks, even in September 2016 announced the composition of the team to study the issue of the market's demand, but in 2014, the company China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) was interested in work.

"The fourth castle is largely dependent on the factor, and if there is no water, we will forget about collecting the fourth lock, but we need to adapt to how this request will come from," he said.

In the 90s, the main thing is grain movement, before tankers, today they are container ships, but tankers, including oil and gas products, have the second place. All the oil workers will add more to the truck ".

The third set of locks "reflects ship size oriented on container carriers and there is a randomly liquefied natural gas, that is, the ability to adapt to our infrastructure and business models – this is a very tough business opportunity. «

"Our infrastructure is not something we've been building since the day after, but we've been able to expand it after 9 years, it's 8 in every three or four months to build a chip and build another new lock.

If we propose to open the only land plot on the Panama-American highway from Aliasca to Tierra del Fuego, Darian Gap, he has "meaning".

Located at the border with Colombia, the pluck was "spreading illness, drug trafficking, illegal migration," "thinking about disclosing it." deviations as well as environmental protection.

"You're talking about a great manufacturing company, Colombia, which can use our channel as an export point beyond its ports, and there's a lot of potential," but "we now have a commercial barrier that's unnecessary to open the door in Colombia, Colombia does not give this opportunity, "he said.

"It's a strict commercial standpoint to do all the things in the world."

According to Spanish Sacir, who heads the fourth consortium, the $ 5,673 million Arività Quiviano does not believe in "new development" until the end of the year.

"There are still many things we can do if we take someone from arbitration, we say that we have a judge in Miami in January, but we do not have it right now, but the results are invisible, so these arbitration should be judged by the judges at least eight months ago, "he said.

The administrator said that they were "well prepared for them" and that they expected "to be successful".

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