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WHO determines which diseases are the most dead in the world


The World Health Organization (WHO) has discovered the world's most deadly disease.

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At first, we identify noninfectious diseases that cause 7 out of 10 deaths worldwide.

The number of deaths from this type of non-communicable diseases is 41 million people a year, of which 15 million are people of childbearing age (30 years). Most of these deaths are from developing countries.

Among the noninfectious diseases we found cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, heart disease and stroke. However, WHO considers mental health as another factor that needs attention.

Anxiety and depression are the main concepts of modern societies. According to WHO, depression alone affects only 300 million people.

"The frequency of death was a frequent malignant and unstable lifestyle, lack of physical exercise, an inappropriate diet, high consumption of tobacco and alcohol. As you can see, there are several risk factors that we can reduce. Citizens should take good care of our health by reducing risk factors, "says Dr. Raul Gonzalez Montero, WHO representative.

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