Saturday , June 3 2023

Who is the personal firefighter in California during a fire?


During a fire in California, Kim Kardashian and one of the other firefighters are part of a private group that is well-known in the United States.

About six weeks after the fire in California, USA, claiming the lives of 81 people, about six weeks after the disappearance of hundreds of missing people, hundreds of people have been changing everyday. Thousands of people have been strangled by thousands of home firefighters, groups were rescued.

Fred Jugrilla and Pamela Joyner, a wife living in northern California, say: "We are surrounded by flame. All the plants in the basin were already burned and the firemen could stop the fire until they reached their homes. A few days later, they learned that their homeowners served their private firefighters.

As in this house, firefighters rescued many other people during the fire. One of them, Kany West and Kim Kardashian, have asked for service to save their place in the exclusive Hidden Hills mountains in Los Angeles. "I heard the flame hit our home in the Hidden Hills, but now they have a lot and are now stopped," said Kardashian on Twitter. At the same time firefighters tried to keep 1500 square meters of housing, including vineyards, two swimming pools, recording studios and other extravagants.

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60 million The house, estimated to be worth more than $ 1 million, has lost homes completely, unlike other celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Gerard Butler and Nil Young. David Torderson, president of Wildfire Defense Systems, assured Chronicle : "Customers, who can invite the hiring group to the hiring station, will no longer work without document".

Though they are criticized, and only for the high class service, Torderson protects the company operating at 70 firefighters in 20 different states. In some places, such as Montana, Utah, or Wyoming, there are more troops than state fire brigades, "says Torderson.

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