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13.4 million tons of aluminum US dollar is a mysterious way


The "aluminum" has declared $ 13.4 million, which he himself borrowed from BIND, and does not know that East Asian Bank is not the money. Wu also believes that he spends all his time on personal goals.

On November 28th, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh is an Associate Member, Fan Van An Wu (Wu Aluminum, 43), Trans Founun Bing (former director of DongA Bank) and 24 others charged with extorting $ 3.608 billion. Dun A in the Bank.

$ 13.4 million Wu 'alumini'

In this case, Deputy Director General of Dong A Bank, Tran Phuong Binh, sent the other accused for committing a crime ". Sale of assets in the amount of more than $ 2.05 billion; "Intentional counteraction to government regulation of the economy", amounting to 1,551 billion tenge.

It is also one of the main causes of the bank's current loss of $ 31,076 billion, $ 25,451 billion of negative capital and total net assets of $ 47,011 billion.

The Attorney General, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the East Asian Credit Board TransUnited with $ 498 billion has been dismissed. This money is used to purchase 60 million shares of DongA Bank and $ 13 million for Wu 'aluminum.

$ 13.4 million confidential image Wu # 1 in hands

Trans Juan Foun, former CEO of East Asia Bank.

In particular, from October 11, 2012 to mid-March 2015, Mr. Bingh will receive a total of over $ 294 billion for acquiring a current bank man, Mr. Do Hung Xung from 13.9. mln. Investigators took Mr. Man's five manuscripts out of the wrong cost.

After that, Bong Wu Nham came in 9 times, reaching 13.4 million. At least $ 1 million, at most $ 3 million. The other $ 500,000 Mr. Bing has been transferred to Nguyen Tian Nhan (Chairman of Thai Thinh Joint Stock Company), seeking consultants for hiring …

Has admitted to the former director general of Dong A Bank Fan Huang Anh for buying dollars and "I do not know what he learned." This amount of foreign currency has not yet been refunded to the bank. Therefore, the test process for the Group Vu "aluminum" was $ 13.4 million. US dollars.

In addition, Wu was transferred to the "Aluminum" Investigative Authority, Mr. Van Wu, to Mr. Trans Bung, for a total of $ 3.2 million. He has also earned $ 10.2 million for seven times.

Does the dance aluminum forget to use 13.4 million?

According to the case, Wu has received 13.4 million dollars from East Asia Bank. He does not acknowledge the fact that he has been able to earn a million dollars, that is Mr. Byin's personal debt. The total amount of foreign currency involved in volumes was privately used, but did not keep in mind the exact use of the work.

Also, three defendants are Nguyen Duc Vinh (former head of the Eastern Asia Bank headquarters), Do Thanh Hung (former Treasury Chief, Nguyen Thi Kim Credit (Bidding Leader)).

In the course of the charge, UFO said that TransFong Bing was buying about $ 284 billion by East Asia Bank for $ 13.4 million. He also sent $ 11 billion to Nguyen Thien Nhan by transferring $ 500,000.

$ 13.4 million mysterious paintings # 2 aluminum

Wu is responsible for $ 13.4 million for the elimination of consequences of aluminum.

According to prosecutors, Wu is responsible for $ 13.4 million to Bing to overcome the consequences of the aluminum bank for East Asia. The investigating authority explained that if Vu had specified the breaches of the law, he would later be processed.

Along with buying about 13% of the bank's shares, Vu has "aluminum" used more than $ 200 billion in fraud.

In particular, in 2013 Dong A bank operations diminished, resulting in long-term losses, lack of large cash, gold in the treasury. Mr. Tran Fong Bin has invested $ 5,000 to $ 6,000 in charter capital to attract investment, to attract more financial hardships.

Thus, DongA Bank's former CEO agreed to sell 60 million shares of Dong A to Vu Aluminum, a 600-million dollar donor. This means that Vu can become the largest shareholder in the bank.

To buy shares, Vu "aluminum" has received $ 220 billion in Da Nang City. Dang A is worth $ 400 billion. The rest of the VND200 billion should sign up for a Vu DongA Bank overdue payment voucher. Mr. Bing ordered people to subordinate the North South 79 construction company.

After that, Dong A increased its charter capital, earning 79 billion tenge to Bac Nab Construction. VND 600 billion The court has paid Vu $ 400 billion and has lost more than 200 billion DongA banks.


Source: Soha / Young intellectuals

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