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24-Hour Financial Market: Purchase Securities


About HNXForeign investors invested $ 8.67 billion in 779,640 shares.

In UPCoMForeigners were traders of 429,610 shares. However, net purchases totaled $ 0.59 billion.

Completes the 19/11 trading sessionVN-index raised 17.87 points (+ 1.99%) to 916,06; The HNX index raised 0.93 points (+ 0.91%) to 103.95 points; UPCoM index reached 0,38 points (+ 0,74%) and reached 52,4 points.

Global funds

US funds

The negative business results of the Nvidia chip manufacturer put pressure on Wall Street at the opening session last week. Particularly, Nvidia shares fell by 18.8%, and the Philadelphia semiconductor index dropped by 1.2%.

The pressure of the technological resources led to the fall of Wall Street's key indicators from the initial level of the morning session, but then the indexes returned to positive news.

In particular, the Fed's Adviser appointed by CNBC, Federal Reserve Chairman and Chairman of the Fed, Richard Clement, described interest rates close to the US Fed's neutral pricing. He also pointed out that there is evidence of a slowdown in the global economy.

In December, the Fed hopes to raise interest rates again, but after Cliga's interpretation, many would expect the rate to rise next year. This helped the stock market.

In addition, after President Thompson sent a list of measures aimed at reducing Washington's efforts, his administration was surprised by the imposition of additional taxes on Chinese goods. Heat tension supports positive investor mood.

Investors are holding a "Big Twenty" meeting at the end of this month, when the US and China leaders are expected to meet. In addition, investors wait for the December Federal Assembly.

Although restoring two sessions last week, Wall Street lasted two weeks before the break, especially during the first week of the three seasons before the downturn. On the other hand, Dow fell 2.22%, S & P 500 fell to 1.61%, Nasdaq by 2.15%.

End of session 16/11, The Dow Jones index increased by 123.95 points (+0.49%) to 25,413.22 points. S & P 500 increased by 6.07 points (+ 0.22%) to 2,736.27. Nasdaq Composite index dropped to 7.247.87, making 11.16 points or 0.15 percent.

Asian market

Securities Japan investors have lowered their stockpile and lowered their funding and slightly increased during the first week of the week.

Nikkei 225 has risen to about 0.7 percent at 21,821.16. Topix increased by 0.5 percent and reached 1 637.61.

The expected forecast for Nvidia Corp's salary cuts last week led to the sale of technology resources, and now it has lowered net cash by 3.6% to Tokyo Electron, Advantest Corporation grew 2.2%, Screen Holdings grew by 3.7%.

Over the past week, SoftBank has dropped by 3.4% last week, as Vision Fund in Nividia increased by 5.1%.

Market mood data show that October exports to Japan increased by 8.2 percent in October, but slightly lower than the expected 9 percent of economists.

Shima Seiki Mfg's knitting machine maker Sharp Seiki Mfg rose 10 percent after announcing that it would buy 1 million shares of up to 4 billion yen.

However, bank and insurance funds declined by 1.9 percent and 1.5 percent respectively, accordingly, the representative of the Federal Reserve Agency said interest rates were very close to the target. It may affect the dollar and start with dogs.

Accordingly, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group decreased by 14.1 months, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Corp decreased by 1.9% and T & D Holdings fell by 3.5%.

Securities Chinese real estate and financial resources rose after support from the government.

Shanghai composite closure increased by 0.91% and reached 2 703.51 points. The CSI300 has a blue spike from 1.1% to 3,294.60.

The sub-sector increased by 1.83%, the consumer sector – by 1.24%, and the healthcare sector – by 1.1%.

BYD Co Ltd shares increased by 6.84% and USD) after the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) approved the 6 billion yuan ($ 864.32 million) issue. The BYD bonds are the main force in support of private companies.

BYD Co Ltd's listing in Hong Kong rose by 6.36%.

Shares of other Chinese developers in China may expect interest rates to fall, their interest payments and homeowners may fall. This increased the real estate index by 4.18%.

Stocks of securities companies also increased sharply – 3.06%, as they were the beneficiaries of market support policy.

Today, the best trades – Shanghai Yimin Commercial Group Co Ltd – 10.13%; Hua Yuan Property Co. Ltd has 10,12% and Guangxi Guidong Electric Power Co.,

Among the deepest reserves are Sichuan Minjiang Hydropower Co., Ltd. 10.02%, Fangda Special Steel Technology Co., Ltd. 7.79% and Jiangsu Yulong Steel Pipe Co.

Securities Hong Kong and at the first session of the week due to the positive results of the real estate in Malaysia.

In the nearest time, the Hang Seng index rose by 0.7% to 26,372.00 points. Hang Seng China Entrepreneur increased by 0.5% to 10 631.66 points.

Auxiliary power sector increased by 1%, IT sector – by 0.66%, financing – by 0.31%.

China's weak lending growth has led to the initial cut of lending rates over the past three years, but worries that economists will be short-lived. and may be terminated at any time.

These hypotheses, the lowering of interest rates, led to real estate stocks, hoping to reduce borrowing costs and even home buyers. As a result, the real estate index increased by 2.32%.

The highest growers were Aac Technologies Holdings Inc., up 4.58%, and the largest loss was China's Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd, down 2.40%.

Among the shares in the wholesale market were Byd Co Ltd, which rose by 6.36%, China Vanke Co Ltd, 5.65% and China Resources Land Ltd by 4.56%.

The largest pests were LLP New China Life Insurance Co Ltd, dropped by 2.28%, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd – by 1.7% and Anhui Conch Cement – by 1.5%.

End of session 19/11: On average, the Nikkei 225 mid-exchange stock reached 21,821.16 on average, up 140.82 points (0.65%). Shanghai Shanghai Composite Index grew by 24.40 points (+ 0.91%) to 2,703.51 points. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index reached 18,372.00 points, or 188.47 points (+ 0.72%).

The gold and foreign exchange market

– Gold has fallen. US $ 23.360 / USD exchange rate

In the domestic gold market this morning, after opening 10,000 VND / tael compared to the previous week. In the afternoon, SJC gold in the Hanoi was 36.49 – 36.67 million, down 50,000 compared to the morning.

At the same time, today the central exchange rate was at 22721 VND / USD, unchanged compared to the previous day. The US dollar exchange rate in commercial banks was 23,270 – 23,360 VND / USD in the second half of the day.

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