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32,000 people falling into "virtual money" have tricked $ 15 trillion Finance – Business


Anti-Corruption, Economic and Contraband Counterfeiting (C03, Ministry of Public Security), 32 000 Investors in the Modern Technology Joint Stock Company (PC03, Police Ho Chi Minh City), 15 trillion in Investing in Corruption, Economy and Smuggling About Tenge (for modern equipment, 9th floor of Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC), iFan, to explain the behavior of investors calling for Pincoin's investment. At present, the investigative body (CCT) has received the initial verification of the case.

Money rounds

Thanh Nien 8.4.2018 It shows that eighteen people have been charged with "pincoin fraud" up to $ 15 trillion, and "publicly available" public security agencies, accusing the "Modern Tech" and the "iFan" development team of banning Modern Tech. Later some of the victims complained to PC03 founder and director of iFan International, founder of Vu Huu Loi and Modern Tech.

According to police reports, General Director and Legal Officer of Modern Tech Hu Juan Wang (30 years old, HKTT in Thua Thien-Hue). There are 7 basics of modern technology: Hu Juan Wang 13 billion. Luu Huynh Quoc Huy (Long An), Luu Trong Tuan (live in Ho Chi Minh City), Nguyen Duc Tong (Dong Nai), Nguyen Trung Hieu (Lam Dong), 12 billion VND, Vu Huu Loi Tuyen Quang) contributes 15 billion VND. These people are doing business in a multi-dimensional sphere.

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Ho Juan Wan, General Director of Modern Tech

Photo: Ngoc Duong

IFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan iFan IFan PTE.LTD is authorized to present the latest technology iFan, Pincoin in Vietnam. Then Modern Tech hosted a number of events in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to collect funds from investors.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Friendship Investment and Development Corporation (FNC), Diep Haq Tsun, along with iFan Virtual Money founders, Modern Tech invested thousands of investors. The research showed that the iFan Development Team gave specific instructions. Accordingly, in September 2017, Diep Khac Cuong, Vu Huu Loi, Bui Ngoc My, Ho Xuan Van and Ho Phu Ty will open an iFan money laundering center in 10 district centers where investors are invited to attend. . In October 2017, the group continued the iFan auction in the largest hotel in Van. This time, iFan investors have purchased at a price lower than 0.1 to 0.2 US dollars, so investors believe it's a good idea to go into the virtual currency.

Instead of buying a direct currency from IFan, the iFan team offered investors to buy iFan for Bitcoin and ETH (purchased with two high-value numeric digits and traded on the international stock exchanges). Investors need to buy iFan and transfer money to Vietnam to buy these at the international level. Then, the investor transferred two currencies to an electronic wallet on the floor of members of the iFan team to purchase iFan's virtual currency. Investors tend to transfer iFan to site ID when investing money into iFan's wallet for iFan's purchase. Most Investors have purchased the iFan virtual currency for Applications PC03 and the Security Department as above.

As IKM Urban Police reported, "Investing in virtual currency of this kind is difficult to check investors' calculations, as it is difficult to prove transactions with investors who have iфan's founders. Money through an international electronic money exchange platform (Bitcoin, ETH).

More than 5 million investors USD, Diep Khac Cuong 50%

Thanh Nien Source: "iFan founder of iFan will go abroad several times a month to check the Immigration Office's office".

According to the EU, the fund of the iFan Foundry Group is $ 5 million, representing 50% of the Czech Republic.

After a while, Diep Khac Cuong won money contradictions, one of the founders of iFan, Hu Hu Loi, Bo Ngoc Moi, Hu Juan Wang, and Hofu Fu Tai. Private iFan investments. The Loi Group has united the iFan sales center for organizing the convention center on November 10, 2017. This time, more than 1000 investors, buy and pay for the iFan acquisition of Bitcoin and ETH.

Meanwhile, Ho Phu Ty all site data In December 2017, Huu Loi Group in Huango called investors to invest up to 60% of interest packages of interest to iFan. The interest rate scheme is implemented through multi-level model, many investors urge friends and relatives to invest the "scary" interest rate on iFan.

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Keeping "virtual money"

Investors also received cash to buy Bitcoin and ETH to buy iFan. This time, most iFan investors have previously owned iFan. Interest rates are not charged in cash, iFan is not charged. The project iFan has been suspended since January. All investors' money will be paid by iFan, $ 5 / iFan. Until now, according to police, iFan is not worth the money, investors can not sell that currency.

The police division worked with investors who claimed that iFan trades did not have any investment or purchase contracts due to international money transactions.

"Investors trust people who believe in iFan's founders in events or outsiders thanks to friends and relatives who have introduced themselves during the iFan acquisition. Bitcoin and ETH are not yet accepted by the law as a payment method, or iFan is purchased through the purchase of two Bitcoins and ETHs. – says the investigator.

In addition, e-commerce purchases of Bitcoin and ETH are done internationally and are constantly changing so it is difficult to check.

More than 32,000 investors have pledged $ 15,000 billion. Tenge divided

According to the banners group, 32 thousand investors were allocated for 15 000 billion dollars, and the investigators confirmed that this figure was inaccurate. When the head of the group invited the banner, NT. H.H. More than 6 billion suffered. Ms. X and some investors said they had written to a $ 15 trillion banners so they could quickly join the press and public security agencies, but many have been deceived and deceived. how much money

So far, PC03 has received 145 complaints about iFan's investment activity, which lost a total of $ 90 billion.

Investors do not trade through Modern Tech, do not transfer funds to their founders' accounts, manage this company, but buy iFan currency via Bitcoin, ETH. virtual currency trading platform. Thus, the investigation clarifies the behavior of network entities as reported by investors, "the source said.

PC03 is still working with CSIT, so the Security Ministry halts the investigation of bank accounts and continues to investigate it.

Signs of fraud through multi-level mobilization

According to the CQDT, this event shows signs of fraud in the form of multi-level capital mobilization, the money paid by virtual purchasers will later pay buyers at high interest rates, attracting attracted investors; After a large amount of mobilization, the company is dissolved. However, at present, the document is insufficient to identify the role of stakeholders. In particular, iFan's Bitcoin and ETH trademarks have two web-sites with and servers located abroad, so investors can not store numerical data. specific investments and money allocated. It's very hard to prove evidence of harm, to prove the number of investors, to prove the amount of investment, and to prove the flow of money.

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