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$ 35 million in Saigon and a 100-year-old housing complex.


View of the ancient house in Saigon for 100 years

Wo Van Want was officially restored in the middle of December 1818 after more than two years of questioning. The first step destroys the rotating blocks later on. Then the main building, a music hall, an appartment, a garden, three gates and a fence are restored. The reconstruction lasted more than three years. Update crew from Italy, experts from France.

It took about three years to assess and explore international and Vietnamese experts within the framework of the Space Heritage Seminar. "The preservation and promotion of scientists' values ​​are located in the 3 district of Ho Chi Minh City, about $ 35 million (about $ 800 billion) for the 110-112 Vo van Tan, which implements the project" Architecture, History and Culture ".

Dr Nguyen Thu-Hau also plans to discuss with project managers after logging in to 110-112 Vo Van Tan, working on the project and planning next scientific work.

About 100 villas in Saigon have recently resumed - Figure 2.

According to the Department of Planning and Investments in Ho Chi Minh City, Phuong Nam Villas have been under inventory and are linked to the beautiful architecture and landscape, taking into account the nature conservation needs.

About 100 villas in Saigon have recently resumed - Figure 3.

These charming villas are transported from France to the sea. Windows, ropes, balconies, poles, windows and doors are perfectly designed and elegantly designed for French iron.

About 100 villas in Saigon suggest full restoration - Photo 4.

The entrance to the main door has two layers of doors, inside the wooden door and rises to the outside of the iron door. Roof is covered with red. Particularly, the lightning design in the roof is safe and the villa decoration.

According to the document, this villa was built by very wealthy people in Saigon. However, after a long period of construction, the villa was sold to a very wealthy man in Old Saigon. The rich man bought the house and called it "South Villages" and gave it to his 16 year old daughter and other valuable assets.

Another woman married and gave birth to seven children, all of whom lived in the Southern Villas. However, when six out of every seven adult women reached an adult, their families went to France and the United States. Before she died, the woman said that the villa belonged to seven children, including the rights of new settlers and others.

Vo Van Tan villa was purchased by Minerva at the end of 2015 for $ 35 million ($ 800 billion). Until now, no real repair works were discovered during the construction of villas. Nevertheless, Vo Van Tan, the head of the renovated villa group, architect Nicholas Viste (France) says: "We believe these villas were built in 1927.

Architect Nicholas Viste says: "These villas are considered to be national values ​​thanks to the specially designed designs of Vietnamese culture. modern modern methods and qualitative materials to create a stable construction structure over time ".

About 100 villas in Saigon have recently resumed - Figure 5.

To complete this house, dozens of skilled craft masters had to build for almost a year.

This villa is not only unique in the area of ​​2,800 m2, but all the details of the villa are typical of Saigon's 1920s architecture, culture and art. Particles: The brick layer of the villa is not cement bricks but ceramic plates are produced separately. Railway stairs are imported from France and Germany; All slats of France; All frosted glass imported from Europe; wall paint system, special ceilings …

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