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Money Backgrounds Haio is a member of Hanoi's Housing Construction and Management Limited, a social networking company working at Hai Ba Trung House Management and Development.

On November 28, the Deputy General Director of "Cao Duc Dai" – LLP "Hanoi Housing Construction and Management Company" confirmed the video with 4 staff members.

Accordingly, the board of directors of the company received the report on the case of 4 officers playing cards in the Agency "Hai Ba Trung House Management and Development Company", "Discipline Enterprise Management". The 4th group includes heads of parties, government and party members.

The report did not agree with the Disciplinary Board of the Enterprise. Four players with different positions, but with the same discipline, do not qualify for treatment. The enterprise has been instructed to review incident and subject matter.

The Deputy General Director of the Company, the Party Committee, has also been appointed to the Committee of the Inspection Party Committee to work with the Department of Entrepreneurship. Violators should justify their treatment in accordance with the rules of the Party. On November 30, the Audit Committee publishes the results of the inspection. Then, the Corporate Disciplinary Council, the Party Committee, collects disciplinary work with the right people, correctly and misinterpretation.

"The spirit of the company is to fight for serious sins. The Party Secretary will have the appropriate discipline, with the secretary of the cell, the managerial staff, and party members involved in the incident. The results of verification and processing correspond to the provisions of the party's charter, laws and internal regulations. This result will be published in the press, "said Dai.

Head of Hanoi House Development and Management Company, Chairman of the People's Committee, Nguyen Duk Chung, asked the Department of Internal Affairs, the City Police Department and the company to check the results. because.

Earlier, rumors about video clips with four people were "penalties". This amount is up to one hundred thousand dollars.

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