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A knife and a weapon, lenders were killed


Wednesday, 28 November 2012 14:57 (GMT + 7)

Recognizing that lenders were unable to succeed, her husband did not go to work with his wife, but to carry on a conversation with his wife. As a result, one woman died later and two were injured.

On the morning of November 28, Tian Jiang's police officer accused the court of involvement in the prosecution and condemned the accused and decided to arrest Than Hoang Gang for a period of four months, the 31-year-old resident of My Tinh Commune in the Chon-Gao District. , one person was killed, the other injured.

The victim was identified as Fan Kim Kimen (35 years old); Le Tuan Fong (30) and Le Ming Quan (28 years) with Cho Gao District.

According to the first study, after drinking wine on January 11-11, Gyan negotiated with Le Thi Deu, his wife, as he was interested in the interest of Ms. Flips, who was still interested in her. Giang goes to Kuan, home to a knife, and leaves home.

That same day, about 17 hours, Gennady Kuan called Phong, Quan and two other teenagers to "talk" to Jiang's home. Kunan's family talked with his wife, Jiang took away the pistol. When the Kainan group had self-made blades and rifles, Giang shot five shots in the group. As a consequence, Guan Huang died at the hospital; Feng, the wounded soldiers were in a state of emergency.

Arms and weapons are talked, creditors are killed - 1

Number of tools to support police

In the 28th and 11th years, the Cho-Gao police detained two suspects, namely Nguyen Quoc Canh (20) and Ha Thai Bao (19 years old, living in Dang Hung commune). Poo District, Cho Gao District.

According to initial information, July-2018, Canh bought some weapons, support devices through Facebook social network. After that, Scenes has created a personal account to offer many drawings of support tools for the Facbook. The scene shoots with firearms, 2 ball bearings, electric torch, 2 shovels in 3 pieces, and then resold. When preparing for the delivery of goods to the police, the police arrested and seized all the weapons and supplies. Police purchased weapons and equipment in the form of direct purchase or delivery of about 30 customers.

Thus, from September to the year 2018, Bao has been sold to 10 clients throughout the country.

Two detained police officers seized black ballistic ammunition, a delivery box, a delicious pepper sprayer, an electric torch, three sticks, three sticks, a knife, two knives and a sword. long hose, gas with more than 844 sheets …

Lai Quang Quang, shot in the direction of the man and wife of Den Burke

Researchers have found out the condition of the murderer who led to the death of 3 people in the Ding Bian province.

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