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A ticket to the Vietnam War

Fans are interested in BTC

Vietnam – according to the plan for tickets to Malaysia, the AFF Cup, held on 16/11/2011, will host 3 objects for ticket buyers. They purchase tickets through official channels, buy tickets, and buy tickets directly from the Vietnamese Football Association (VFF) agents.

After online purchase and online sales, tickets are sold quickly, fans must choose the form for authorized agents of the Vietnamese Football Association to buy tickets directly.

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Amateur fans are on the queue to buy tickets directly to Vietnam by telephone with Malaysia (Photo: Changjiang).

In the morning of 11/11, BTC released over 9,000 tickets to Vietnam – Tel Malaysia. If it's not sold in the morning, BTC will continue to sell it in the afternoon.

Park Hang Seo, thanks to the great interest of HL teachers, especially after defeating Laos 3-0, many fans bought a ticket to see Vietnam and Malaysia.

As reported by VOV.VN, thousands of people are out of my Dink's ticket sales. While some people ran from 3 to 4 and were going to buy a North-West ticket, at 13:30, BTC reported that all tickets were sold.

In the message many people have "breastfeeding", because they do not buy tickets for queues for decades. Some of the fans did not keep silence, so WFH staff had to work hard to control the situation.

BTC deficiency in the issue of tickets

BTC ticket transfer between Vietnam and Malaysia, or Vietnam, has three modes of communication with Cambodia, which help all the facilities reach and access tickets.

Employees can register for tickets through official channels, online buyers can buy tickets online, and last time tickets are sent to ticket points to buy tickets directly from BDD.

However, BTS ticket issuance has many drawbacks. The first disadvantage is that while tickets are purchased through official tickets, tickets are purchased online, it takes a lot of time for the amateurs to get tickets and finish the procedure.


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Those who buy online tickets must also queue tickets (Photo: Changjiang).

The second problem comes from technical factors. Buying tickets online is directly related to the VFF registration page. However, after online sales, this site is downloaded too far, fans should be able to see and get half an hour.

In the form of direct sales, fans must be queued. While many security forces are involved in supporting the sale of tickets, there is a risk of stealing the previous queues. This does not even tell about the events that come later, but it does not cause the accident, it causes despair and injustice.

Amateur fans are looking for tickets to watch Vietnam's television games, and tickets are also for tickets. They set the price of "black market" from 3 to 4 million couples, which is 10 times more than the original ticket exchange rate for BTS.

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Bluffers created a "black market", where fans were on the queue for tickets (Photo: Trisha Gyan).

Regardless of the tragic loss of tickets to Vietnam, former U23 and U19 Vietnam, the vice president of the Vietnam Football Federation, Trần Quốc Tuan, will arrange a ticket sale but Mr. Tuan does not listen to the car.

Technology is 4.0 years of age, where people can satisfy the demand for entertainment and pleasure by using a very simple way through a computer or network smartphone, dropping hundreds of trees into the water. Numbers, white nights, and half a day before buying a ticket to watch a Vietnamese football match, we will be far behind the era to satisfy the love football. Funny approach is not 0.4 but 4.0.

In the future, the Vietnamese Football Association (BTC) and the Vietnamese Football Federation (BTC) should be the most up-to-date ticket, which is open and fair to fans of cruelty. Their love does not take advantage of them.

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