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After the mobile world, does this information only use Son Khan?


Consumers are still unaware of the mobile world, and hackers continue to publish their own data on the data network to their mother and child, John Con, in the network of thousands of hackers. Technology experts warn about the growth of theft of corporate data, which causes unexpected risks.

What Is Leak Information About?

On the afternoon of November 10, hackers provided information to RaidForums (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, position of the employee, store location …). There are 2272 photographs taken to prove that this data is genuine. By analyzing and testing Hacker's file, Bkav's cyber security vice president, Ngo Tuan An, confirmed that Conkie could have been deleted. It is not clear how to use bad guys. According to Tuan An, employees with personal information will be forced to change their password, with emails, messages, and frauds in the country to protect themselves. Entrepreneurial systems should be penetrated, vulnerabilities should be checked and processed on time.

After the mobile world, does this information only use Son Khan? - Figure 1.

After the mobile world, hacker malfunction is triggered by online business photography: Chanh Trung

Taking into consideration the potential of consumers using the services of Mobile World Investment (MWG) (MWG), the Department of Information Security, Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team – VNCERT Ministry of Information and Communication has sent technical staff to work with IWG for direct assistance. At present, the Department of Information Security has reported that there are no hackers to the system components associated with personal information. The Department for Information Security continues to coordinate and review the IWG and relevant authorities.

At the end of November, 2009, the Director of the Big Card (NH) Card Center was posted on the Internet, relevant ministries, Maps Association and many banks, after information about Mobile Internet Clients. Complex answer. Accordingly, NH will issue a list of cardholders who are engaged in Worldwide Mobile Communications and will review information about card risk. Then, the bank will ask the cardholder to make a card lock or create a new card.

"If hackers attack an attacking gateway or an NH system, one or two sales companies may disclose information about consumers connected to multiple sales units of millions of cardholders. Moreover, in Vietnam, when customers pay the card, many sales departments, services require employees to keep their card numbers in the system and may leak out information. Card Holder Comes Here "- an international card specialist

What is the purpose of hackers?

Also, on November 10, along with the disclosure of staff data, "intimidation" continues to expel Consumer Data, and hackers also calm down the data. Other. After publishing employee's predictive data, hackers that are included in the next article of hackers also turn on John's customer data. Hacker also demands FPT Shop data, but this data is sold only to those who are ready to buy. This information is very disturbing to many users.

According to the security bureau, the purpose of these attacks was to increase the personal information of cybercriminals, especially the hackers for phishing attacks. Ngo Tan Wu Hanh, Director, Vietnam's Kaspersky Lab Development Director, says: "Through these events, hackers can target many destinations and hackers can hire hackers to collect information. Dissemination of competitors' reputation, dissemination of information for the release of personal information for sale by users, business blacksmiths or other businessmen and individuals for advertising services. is just about promoting hacking hacking skills. "

IT specialists Pham Hong Phuoc:

Impact on e-commerce

However, in the hands of hackers, gossip and theft, data sources can not be checked, but many sources have doubts. . Was it all intentional sabotage?

The world's mobile company asked for competition in the conditions of coincidence. And it does not eliminate compilation theories to generate demand for information security services, and network security becomes hot.

It also influences efforts to reduce e-commerce, electronic payments, online payments, and even cash payments. it is carried out by Vietnam. They also make it work on a corporate network, and electronic payments are not secure, and customers' uncertainties have led to a number of other consequences. Vietnam – a country with many network security systems is still insufficient, due to a lack of knowledge of business and customers. Since there is no other way than accepting the game, the company needs to strengthen its protective capabilities for itself and its customers.

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