Tuesday , December 7 2021

Arsen Wenger did not say that Milan was a "rumor"


The French footballer has promised to return to football soon, but at least since June, he has no connection to the current chapter.

Arsen Wenger does not like Milan as a rumor

Farewell to Arsenal after the age of 22, but at the age of 69, Arsen Wenger does not want to retire and finish his career. Several times in the past six months, he is returning from football, assuming the future of a French professor is Paris Saint-Germain's sporting director or even a real coach. Madrid.

Arsènne Wenger is not an affair of Milan
Arsen Wenger is not in Milan

Arsen Wenger's recent announcement that Milan has agreed to run in the immediate future is a stunning addition. Gennaro Gattuso may now be dismissed from the job for the former Gunners captain, who is a failure and can be the preferred candidate for success at any time.

However, Arsen Vergeer recently denied anything. Professor promised to return to football at least in the following season, and now there is no reference to his new career. He said: "The only thing is that the information is not right. If I work somewhere, I will tell you first, but it has not happened yet.


"I can not control hearing. Only I can control what happens in my life. I do not know what to do in the future because I still do not know. I'm planning to return to football next year, but I am not sure yet. So I can not give you any information. In the near future, in my comment on beIN Sports, I focus on good work, and that's not easy. "

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