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"Bruce Lee" in Korea has 15 exercises in Vietnam


Thursday, 29/11/2018 06:27 AM (GMT + 7)

Korean warrior DK Yo is being prepared in Viet Nam at the invitation of the Vietnam Taekwondo Federation on December 17-22.

Korean martial arts master DK Yoo – winner of 15 martial arts.

DK Yoo, as well as the Korean police and special forces, was a master of Systema (Russian martial arts). DK Yoo's video clips are covered not only in Korea, but throughout the world.

Bruce Lee & # 34; Korea has 15 martial arts courses in Vietnam - 1

DK Yoo Master (second left) and Truong Ngoc De – president of taekwondo federation of Vietnam

Bruce Lee & # 34; 15 martial arts courses in Vietnam - 2 in Korea

In western countries, martial artists concentrate mainly on muscle strength and tolerance that ignores the spirit and the free body.

In addition, DK Yoo believes that the body has three states. The first is the condition when the muscles are stimulated to act. The second is relaxing when the body does not have any physical activity. At the third level, the human body is in a comfortable position, but can work on its own.

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