Friday , February 3 2023

Container brake brakes are four motorized slopes, one dead, three for critical


According to information, the accident took place on November 16 at 9 am. At this time, drivers of Container Truck BKS 21C – 041.95, Lugant Witte Tau (32 years old, Luke Young District, In Baai), are on the 70th road and about Lao Tsai Yen Bai.

Lao Zhi: The container smoothed four motorcycles, one dead and three others criticized - Figure 1.

Event Stage (Tuan Anx Picture).

The road suddenly hits Bao Quan (Bao Yi, Lao Chi) at the intersection of the commune. The rain and the slopes were horizontally sloping along the four motor cycles of the car.

Lao Cai: Container smoothed four motorcycles, one person was killed and three others criticized - Photo 2.

Motorcycles under the car (photo Tuan Anh).

At the scene killed 58-year-old man. Many crashed motorcycles were scattered on the scene, one was crushed, and the other was under the counter.

Lao Zhi: The container has left four motorcycle brakes, one person is dead, three people are criticized - Фото 3.

Motorcycle crashed (photo Tuan An).

Diane Quancommune Commander-in-Chief quickly went to the scene to help the rescue and traffic flow immediately after receiving the message.

Authorities are still investigating the accident.

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