Monday , December 6 2021

Delegation of the National Assembly on the Pilot Program "Teaching Students to Study" – Demanded Education


Children can not learn to be "he"

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Head of the National Assembly Delegation to Fu-Tkho Province Sao Ding Tau said that the current state of Vietnam is the foundation of philosophy as fundamental, fundamental and comprehensive reform is needed. According to him, Ho Chi Minh's support, we should pay attention.

About the pilot program # 35 for mice students on National Assembly deputies; - 2

Cao Dinh Thuong

Teaching teachers, linking standards and rules with teachers, Cao Dinh Thuong Delta called the need to invest in the education system "education" as pedagogy. In pedagogical schools, it is necessary to choose the qualities and talents. The procedure for teaching standard preschoolers, pre-school educators, and teachers of general education, with a high degree of prestige and high quality teachers.

According to the National Bank, preschool education is mandatory for 4 years, and maybe 2.5-3 years, young teachers need to choose, and the right to education for beautiful, healthy children is children.

About the quality of teaching methods. Fu Tou province has been complicated by the fact that education is not high-quality, innovative, vocabulary, simplification of academic knowledge, facilitation of life skills, human trained and professional orientation. The curriculum is extremely difficult, and students have difficulty. "We are dealing with simple issues."

"For example, first-graders need to study, write, and learn high school students only, and we need education, and simple things are going to be very complex. So it is difficult to absorb students "- Review Delta.

According to him, this issue is related to adults. Adults think too much to enter the brain, teaching is too much pressure, children are afraid of learning, and they are hit hard by the school. In particular, parents' psychology wants their children to become human, and all is good – psychological panic, panic. "This is a very negative concept in education, despite the strongest of children," he said.

TR Tuan says it is impossible to teach children to be "dissatisfied, not grandparents".

"We teach and guide students to develop their abilities," says Cao Dinh Thong, "some of the best students in the class who are making great national writers and writers into the classroom, only one child is a writer, one is an artist, one is active."

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