Monday , January 30 2023

Did Bitcoin break $ 5,000 or nothing at night?


According to CoinDesk, Bitcoin has dropped to a low of $ 4,883.09, down 22% over the last seven days and down 65% from the beginning of the year.

This currency started relative stability last month after a few months. At the beginning of October, Bitterone sold about $ 6,400, but at the beginning of this year she survived the volatility and opened up the sales on the global market. Dong has dropped by 30% since November last year.

Emergence of the disease bitcoin Last year, after the American holiday, much attention was paid to the public. Bitkoin rose to $ 10,000 in October and reached around $ 20,000 during Christmas.

Value bitcoin Rapid rise also coincides with the introduction of contracts bitcoin last December. When bitcoin futures contract bitcoin The Chicago Commodity Exchange (CME) officially traded and the Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in Chicago,

The two futures have reached its lowest level on Monday due to the beginning of the currency. Futures contract bitcoin Under the contract, the IPS reduced to $ 5,015 bitcoin CBOE up to $ 4,990.

This week, other major currencies have fallen, even worse bitcoin this year. In particular, XRP is the second largest capital chemistry, dropped by 5% on Monday, on the air 13% lower than the CoinMarketCap. Last week, capitalization of the currency into the market amounted to about $ 40 billion.

According to experts, waves were sold bitcoin and stop orders at the market place bitcoin Fell below $ 6,000.

"The logical basis for the next support is $ 5,000, but if not, the next level will not be worth $ 3,500," said Matthew Greens. "The recent drop in prices, which, of course, is in line with the definition of" deficiency ".

Tells other reviewers about sharing bitcoin cash (coin is broken down from bitmap). Last week, the digital currency was divided into two versions, namely: Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, and analysts remain unstable in a rapidly growing market.

Degradation bitcoin Also, Bloomberg News reports that the last note from the ECB member Benoit Coyrou came from the International Bank for Settlement in Basel.

"Bitcoin is a great smart idea, but it's not a good idea," Coeure said on Thursday. "In many cases, bitcoin a dangerous event for the financial crisis. «

Coeure also said in favor of General Manager of International Banking Corporation (BIS) Augustin Carstens, who said in June that "digital coins are bubble, multi-level, combination of Ponzi fraud. and environmental disaster. «

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