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Did Mo Moinio have all the team players? -Faceball 24 hours


Thursday, 29/11/2018 00:07 AM (GMT + 7)

Did Diego Costa stop relations at Atletico and return to the predator's Jose Mourinho?

Diego Costa shoots a video of Griezmann

"Beast" confuses Diego Costa with Griezman

Last weekend matches are held at the Stadium Wanda Metropolitano at Atlético and Barcelona at the 2018/19 La Liga final. On the 77th minute, Diego Costa scored his goal, but he did not manage to score, and O. Dembele equalized in the last minutes of the match.

Diego Costa & # 34; Not Reasonable: Team Teams, Welcome to Mo-Mourinho? - 1

Griezmann was killed by Diego Costa, because the "foolish guy" was hot.

However, the most important thing is that the goal came down to 6 minutes. After several collisions, Jean was hot in Diego Costa and half of the Um Hope in Barcelona.

The party was loudly singled out only when the two teams were stopped. But not everyone stopped here: "Beast" was not only the Costa Rica team with Atletico's 7, but also his forward Griazman.

– You command. Cameras write on the surface of Griezman's face. Although Griezmann was the designer of Diego Kosta, he had 18 matches in La Liga, but his emotional side could still be as challenging.

Go back to Mourinho's hand

Coming back to Spain, Diego Como arrives slowly. At the age of 30, the "predator" gradually loses sense of purpose when it does not set goals. Simeon's trainer, Gryzman, should be the youngest and also "very valuable".

Diego Costa & # 34; Not Reasonable: Team Teams, Welcome to Mo-Mourinho? - 2

Diego Costa is in good shape with Jose Mourinho

After returning to Spain, Diego Costa scored seven goals. It is very dangerous for someone who is considered a "killer" as a Brazilian player. The best thing about the predator is to leave now, but where?

"Older" to earn money or go to the United States, this is a great opportunity, but Diego Costa makes another choice and still can find a way to earn money. Manchester United is Jose Mourinho's spouse.

If Diego Simeon is a talent of Kostya, Mourinho is a forward, he has brought it to a new level. "Beast" has yet to be contacted by the "Special Person" and joined the Reds team in the summer of 2017.

Mourinho needs a "killer" on the tree trunk "Lukacu" today. Diego Costa has proven his fitness in Premiership and will be a good addition in January.

Diego Costa needs to keep his career, and Maurino needs a person who believes in keeping a hot spot on Old Trafford. When a transfer deal occurs, the two sides need each other. This is not a surprise.

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