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Do not look at the moon in the morning!


In mid-November, Cao Cao had three national reports that featured a generous wine voyage boat. It was dark, but in the middle of the month the sun was sunshine and the sun shine.

Being glad to announce the annexation of the enemy, he saw the snowballs flying unexpectedly and asked in the sky:What are the crows in the middle of the night?«

Yes, sir:The sky was bright and bright, so in the morning it left to fly to the south.«

The product of Bar · ra · va's does not see the brightness of the expanse! picture
Valver's army is an illusion of ancient Thoha

It became clear later. From the illusion of overcoming the Cao Cao catastrophe in the Red Cliff, it divides the division of the three galaxies into the boiler's foot.

It's a ghastly situation in Ernesto Valverde, Barcelona like ancient people. Real Madrid won with a score of 5: 1, which helped them sink into the water, but did not like those who trusted him.

Barca members immediately forget about difficulties. They have also noticed that the crisis has been completely overcome by the "True" afterwards, with confidence. Also, with Barcelona's 2-1 lead, the Real Madrid team lost 15 minutes and Lucas Modric's strike had not even lifted on the bench.

Rafinha vs Madrid vs Real Madrid vs Barka
The victory in El Clásico is no harm


After that, Barca's style was as expected about strong departure. First, the Catalonian side waits for the First Division to score 1-0 in the First Division of the League of Culture Leonson with a single goal and injury.

Further, God continues to fortify Barzas with good luck They scored two goals (87-90) for three minutes after defeating Rayo Vallecana, a former defender in La Liga. Against Inter Milan in the Champions League is uncertain. before and in Barcelona: where should it be?
Barcelona eliminated Lionel Messi from injury, but none of them expected to lose Real Betis 3-4. Barsak 3-4 Betis …

Barcelona 3-4 defeats Real Betis in the face of over eight thousand spectators. Due to the fact that everything is morally problematic, history is not just about the experience.

He is very dependent on the Messiah

Lionel Messi will return and Barcelona will win "Real Betis", which is very parodox, but that's right. However, it looks like the post-vision flow The Argentinean superstar was subjective Team of Catalonia Take one step.

Messi's team is Betis
Messi entered Bettyz twice

The rest of Barça attacked Messi and waited awesome. It may be against the conduct and attitude of Messi, but the natural talent of No. 10, we do not deny it.

Although he does not work as a former team player, Carlos Tevez, Messi remains at the top level. Gradually, Barca players who are dependent on striker No. 1 in the history of the club (fell in the last few years). Tevez is right, Messi is a lazy guy!
Carlos Tevez commented on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. People working with these two superstars have discovered the truth, not the players …

On June 20, before the Betis club, Messi played for the first time after injury in Seville. In addition to the above two games, Barça has won 6 goals (4-2, 3-4 winners). Messi's closest matches seven times, his team won 3, 2, and 13 goals.

Is that not accidental? No! Messi is in the lead and the other 10 is not like Barca. They believe in Messi's goal, no matter how much. But with limited power, Leo can not always be the role of "Jesus Christ."

He controls Massey Bars
But No.10 Blaugrana failed

There are very interesting statistics: 3-4 defeats in Betty Barça's first defeat when Messi scored over two goals. At this point, the defender of Blairana's defense was deteriorating and did not correct him.

Messi and Luis Suarez, who had played nine players 4-4-2 in the last season in Valverde, had to play regularly. Here is the role of the rich midfielder Poligno, who is rich in muscle tissue. 2018/1985 In the summer, Valverde's "pets" returned to China to collect money to leave a delicate environment.

Pique and Lenglet

Players have a negative impact on the whole style

Under pressure from fans and leaders, former captain Athletic Bilbao was forced to soften tactics. Figure 4-3-3 appears, the team's strength is high and the Barka style is very bright.

In fact, Barki has been in the worst defense since 20 years. In the last 10 games in La Liga, since 1998, Louis van Gaal will not have a clean match. In the last 12 rounds, the team "Camp Nou" scored 18 goals, on average an average of 1.5 goals and five more teams.

Would such a bad novel win Barca's chest and win the big title? Let the horns see the moon and think that the sky is bright!

Even if matches 3-4 Betis Matches (2018/19 La Liga round):

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