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Expand the test, find parasites and parasites 1000 Bac Ninh children


According to Dr Trần Ti Hai Nynh, chief of the Chief Planning Department of the Tropical Hospital, on March 16, around 500 patients from Bac Ninh were admitted to the hospital. BD Using the benefits of a large hall, many doctors and other doctors from other departments have been forced to work from their jobs to avoid having to work for blood testing to test them.


"We are trying to run this day and tomorrow to get early test results. However, in order to identify many cross-positive children with other parasites after the test date, today's doctor has demonstrated the expansion of testing for fractures of drugs and liver. Therefore, tomorrow afternoon is expected to be a result, "said Dr. Nynch.


For the hospital, this is the largest swine flu test in history, with more than 700 cases in 2 days. Particularly, yesterday, 230 children went to school and 173 children were positive in the result of the test. The number of children affected by the swine flu, including the preceding positive cases, is 46 cases.

Also in the specialized clinic of the Malaria Institute – Central Parasites – insect insects prevent people who have not crossed their legs since morning 5. By the end of March 16, there were 530 cases of tested patients.

According to Dr. Nguyen Quang Thiu, deputy director of the Insect Insects Institute, the Institute of Parasitology, the hospital will be tested all night long to get an early response tomorrow.

It's worth noting that in the morning, not only small children of the commune of Thanh Khuong, but also many families in the neighboring commune of the Tian-Than district, also tried their children to be concerned about the food supplier. Thanh Khuong Kindergarten offers food in 19 other schools in Thuan Thanh district.

Dr. Thi, if swine flu has a positive positive outcome, doctors prescribe and treat each child with special treatment modalities. The Institute is guided by the coordination of human settlements for epidemiological studies on site. Tomorrow, the Malaria Institute – Parasitology – Insects are sent directly to the Thanh Khuong Society for the investigation of epidemiology, which identifies the specific cause of the infection.

Professor Nguyen Wang King, Director of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, should not be confused or upset. The infection is not as sharp as the measles or glands. Therefore, if you are suspicious, give reasonable time to your family doctor.

"The treatment of pigs is very simple, as it is instructed by the Ministry of Health. For treatment of holes, one day of treatment is not just a pit. However, to kill an egg with two weeks of therapeutic medications, it is absolutely pure, completely cured and without serious consequences, "GS said.

However, mucous membranes may have no common symptoms, including fever, long-term infections, physical impairment, digestive disorders, and long-term infections. So you can be sure that the infection can take some time to treat and treat.

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