Tuesday , August 16 2022

Farmers leave the steppes to see the overflow of three farmers


Flycam is a high-flying device that can capture movies, take pictures, and capture wide-angle shots that can not be shot by an average camcorder. So many people and organizations recently used a flashlight to get the above-mentioned movies or photo reports.

Recently, at the MXH, the Fascink Camera has shown a video recording of 3 feminists working in the field of vegetable and forced their parents to escape. Clip interested in the movie theaters!

Clip Tien Thanh Duong

At the clips, while the flash drive was riding through the rice field, suddenly the farmers were interested in the work of three farmers. Instead of flying, the flash drive is back again, probably never had a flash, so three of them ran away.

Clip: Farmers leave the steppes when they see the raised chin on the head of three farmers - Photo 2.

The image of the three farmers above, with 3 tapered hat, pointed to each other as humorous. After being part-time in the MXH, the clip was immediately captured in the short time and thousands of hits were received.

"The farmer's death is fine, gentle, panic and running, but still so cute. "wrote Facebook Duy Vu.

"When he saw that this smile almost dropped on his mouth, he said to them:" People are working hard and tired, do not run! "He went on. – Facebook joins Joan Tuan.

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