Tuesday , January 31 2023

Fire in Vietnam


A farewell ceremony at the AFF Cup at "My Religion" stadium.

Tomorrow, from 8 am to 5 pm (or until the ticket ends), Vietnam and Malaysia tickets will be sold in four booths on My Dinh, Le Duc Street. Tho, Phu Do Ward, Hanoi, Nam Tui Liem District. It's about 9,000 tickets sold to fans through this method.

Everyone is buying Two pairs of tickets to Vietnam – Malaysia, 4 parcels: 150,000 VND tickets, 200,000 VND tickets, 300,000 VND tickets and 400,000 VND tickets. There are also fans Vietnam – Buy one ticket to see Cambodia On November 24 in the yard with three parcels: 100,000 VND tickets, 200,000 VND tickets and 300,000 VND tickets.

Better than rules to ensure fans are not allowed to buy fake tickets or tickets, the Vietnamese Football Association offers to buy tickets issued by the Vietnamese Football Federation. rights.

Vietnam - Malaysia fire: how much is there? - Figure 2.
Vietnam - Malaysia fire: how much is there? - Figure 3.

A close look at Vietnam – a guide to Malaysia.

Ticket agents with the authority of the Vietnamese Football Association have the logo of the Vietnamese Football Federation and the banner of the Vietnamese Football Federation logo, the dress code, ticket manager and identification dresses. and the "ticket salesman" offered by the Vietnamese Football Association.

Also tomorrow, 11/11, LDBD will pay Vietnam tickets from 8 to 17 couriers.

The Vietnam War – Malaysia took place on November 16, 19 hours 30 minutes at My Dinh Stadium. After the first match two teams have three points, but Vietnam has a good score.

Laos 0-3 Vietnam A Group A Cup 2018

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