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Former Police lieutenant Ho Chi Minh is linked to 1,900 gold DAB quantities


Dong A Bank (DAB) in the bankruptcy case, 3.6 trln. Lieutenant Colonel of the Economic Police of Hu Jinyi Nguyen Hong Anh was appointed as the victim of a loss of more than KZT.

Mr. Gong Anh sued the court. Photo: Hu Hoa.

Mr. Gong Anh sued the court. Picture: Tu Khoa.

According to the survey, Trans Vang Bin (59 years old, CEO, vice-chairman of the Board of Directors) has long been lending this bank. They also engaged in real estate, stock trading, stock. By the end of 2007 the interest rate on gold loans was cheaper than the money, and both sides agreed to make a loan for gold.

In January 2008, Mr. Anh offered to borrow 2,000 gold co-operatives to co-operate in aquaculture business. Guaranteed property – 339 m2 of land in Phu Nhuan District (HCMC), the right to use 326 m2 of land in Thao Dien Ward (district 2) and 3,000 shares of Gia Dinh joint stock commercial bank.

Mr. Bin received and denied the staff of the DAB for a one year contract loan for the police officer, the value of the assets exceeded 40 billion.

Until January 2009 Anh paid 12 times, about 100 gold in total. Mr. DAB showed that the fee was paid to Mr. Anch and made a payment.

However, the investigative body was aware that this was a paper-based procedure, The goal is to repay the debt under the second contract Since then, 2 thousand gold has been obtained. One year later, Mr. Mr. Pays paid a portion of his interest and principal, so DAB continued to make short-term bills, 1,900 gold for a new contract, and 12 months indebtedness.

In February 2012, Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Byin made a loan of $ 32 billion to approximate the Bank's 1,900 gold debt to 85 billion tenge. In order to legalize the difference, Bign has ordered the staff to make a short list of gold, which makes DAB $ 53 billion.

Working with the investigating authority, Anh acknowledged that many contracts were signed, recognizing debts, repaying loans, and exchanging loans in the DAB. The Lieutenant Colonel of the Economic Police said he had paid 1900 gold (about $ 85 billion) in a $ 32 billion savings account and paid $ 53 billion in cash but could not prove it.

Authorities have claimed that Mr. Anh paid $ 85 billion to $ 32 billion. Bingen's agreement to complete debt repayment to debt amounts to $ 53 billion in DAB costs.

Mr. Mr. Tran Phuong Binh. Photo: Hu Hoa.

Mr. Mr. Tran Phuong Binh. Picture: Tu Khoa.

Where is DAB lost?

DAB was founded in 1992 with a VND5,000 billion authorized capital. Including more than 10% shares of Ben's family; Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint-Stock Company (PNJ) 7.7%; Fan Van Anh Wu (or Wu-Nham) "Bakh Nam" Construction Company No. 79 is about 13%; The office of the Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of the …

During the monitoring, the State Bank for Reconstruction and Development should identify and investigate many errors. Until August 2015 DAB was taken under special control and forced to carry out fiscal audits in the system. As a result, the deficit of DAB's treasury was $ 2,089 billion, with 62,154 gold and $ 416 billion in treasury.

Tran Faon Bign misused his position and directed his subordinates to commit a series of violations, which amounted to 3.608 billion tenge.

In particular, Mr. Bin wrote to his subordinates to prepare a number of documents on the deficit, totaling $ 2,057 billion. Other costs include: over $ 470 billion due to the loss of an undeveloped fund to 219 companies for payment of extrabudgetary capital. 385 billion Nearly one foreign currency business; More than 610 gold accounts; Nguyen Hong Anh is worth $ 53 billion, of 1900 golden trees.

By the way, Fan Van Wu was given over $ 200 billion and paid more than $ 13 million. Nevertheless, Chief of Construction Department No. 79 Bash-Nem rejected this statement.

Criminal proceedings were instituted against Mr. Anne and 24 other defendants In contravention of the state's economic management regulations, it can lead to serious consequences and Lack of responsibility for severe consequences; Vu aluminum is charged Abuse of power and position in the relevant property TheArticle 355 of the Criminal Code of 2015, survival for 20 years).

Mr. Bing has now reached 4 billion and Wu Aluminum has won $ 173 billion. Authorities have also acquired more than 125 million shares of DAB on behalf of 79, 5 apartments and rooms of the North-South Company. Large amount of securities …

The trial will last until December 25.


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