Sunday , August 7 2022

In 2019, a series of "big projects" will be audited


On November 28, public auditor General Hu Duc Fuch signed Decision # 2268 / QD-KTNN for the audit plan for 2019. Accordingly, in 2019, the State Auditor conducts 190 audits.

Apart from the defense project in the field of construction, programs and projects, the State Audit includes 42 investment programs and projects, including many major projects such as the Binh Phuoc ethanol plant project; Ninh Binh fertilizer plant project; Investment project on construction of international gateway port Hai Phong; Investment project on construction of Quang Ninh airport; City Transportation Development Project in Haifa City; Song Bung 2 Hydroelectric Station; 500 kV Vinh-Tang – Song May – Tan Uyen highway; Tai Bing Thermal Power Plant; Ho Chi Minh City Environmental Sanitation Project – Phase 2.

The state audit also conducts 59 inspections of the state budget, including: State budget balance audit for 2018; Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investments; In 2018, control over the management and use of public finance and state assets in 13 ministries and sectors; Inspection of local budgets in 45 provinces and cities under the auspices of local authorities in 2018.

In the coming year, the State Audit conducts 12 audits, including: control over the district level budget management and use in 4 regions, cities in 2018; 10 auditing themes and 01 audits using government audits for investment activities, programs and projects. On Pilot Implementation of Loan Debtors' Credit Debate No 42/2017 / QH14.

In thematic area, the Public Audit conducts 30 audits, four of which are audited: import and export tax collection management, national targeted programs to reduce poverty, introduction of financial autonomy mechanism for state hospitals in 2016-2020 and introduction of financial autonomy mechanism for state HEIs ; 26 themes on social protection and economic development programs and projects; Management and use of land, mineral resources and the environment for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of government capital management and the investment efficiency of corporations, corporations and investment funds. .

In addition to the three companies included in the National Defense and Security Sector, the state audit is audited in 27 public institutions, including the State Bank, 21 corporations and joint ventures in enterprises and financial-banking organizations. State Bank, 5 banks and financial and credit organizations.

In addition, in 2010, the public audit will review 12 coordinating centers in the field of defense, including 9 coordination points, assessment of subdivisions, 2 enterprises and 1 investment project.

Additionally, eight security coordination centers and security agencies are included in the audit plan, including the headquarters of the mobile police; The Team; Fire and Rescue Police Administration; 29 regional and city police; 04 hospitals of the Ministry of Public Security; 09 enterprises under the Ministry of Public Security; National Bureau of Investments and 25 regional committees and city committees.

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