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Kieu Minh Tuan apologized and paid 900 million


According to Ms. Guy, Kyu Min Min Tuan knows his mistake and has transferred all the rewards to 900 million tenge. Although it's too late, it's considered a tool.

"My parents do not marry mother" has spent $ 23 billion, but film revenue is about 10 billion, with the same cinema sharing.

Many losses and cause of the manufacturer – this "true love movie" boycotted the audience thanks to the scandal.

Previously, two producers Kyu Min Min Tuan and Nguyen demanded that the producer be "dirty" to advertise the audience as an earlier comment.

Kieu Minh Tuan has apologized, paid 900 million, and still goes to court - Figure 1.

Kieu Minh Tuan and Nguyen led the boycott to the boycott when the film was not filmed to tell the story of a "true love story".

Before the return of Kieu Minh Tuan 900 million, Dun Bih Dongg, the producer, still goes to court.

"We work in the court, but if we go to court, if Kyu Min Ming Tuan is guilty, we will consider reconciliation without any compensation." The return of Chu Mont Tuan's rewards reflects his kindness and sincerity. However, the court was sent to court, not just because we received compensation, but also when the conflict started, the film was intentionally invented. To defend the Duma it is necessary to prove their faith, "Dun said.

As for actor H. Nouen, the producer said that he had apologies.

At present, the letter of Kyu Min Thong was handed to the People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City; Nguyen's appeal was handed to the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh.

"The cash reward of Cuu Ming Tuan is fully reimbursed, and I'm going to be charitable to Ho Chi Minh City and Bing Dyong, and I want to become a scholarship to students in difficult situations. The film team did not work, I restored the film crew and my reputation, and I'm not bound by the money I'm planning to get the full amount of money. Judicial proceedings on charitable matters "- confirmed by producer Dun Bih Dong.

Kieu Minh Tuan apologized, paid 900 million reward, manufacturer still appealing to court - Photo 2.

Two people were also brought to trial

All the holes began with an interview with An Nguyen and Kyu Min Min Tuan on the role of "Father, mother of the mother", which is broadcast online. There are two cognitive emotions in the film.

This division was criticized by a public body that was threatened by a third person, Kyu Mu Tuan and Cath Fuong and Kew Min Min Tuan. Another part of the video is a product cut, and the film tells the story to be boycotting "dirty" and calling the film to boycott.

Then Dong did not use the film to propagate. The fact that both actors do not maintain their image is adversely affected by the public and does not negatively affect the sale of films.

The manufacturer can further upgrade it and release the release schedule if it works well. However, as the film is still in the premiere, in normal theater the audience still does not understand.

M. Houe

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