Thursday , October 21 2021

Mekong Delta – Use of 4.0 Technology of Agricultural Products in Nhan Dan


In 2018, the whole territory will be worth $ 4.3 million. It exceeds the hectare, and this year the rice yields 20 million tons. Over the tonnage; aquaculture reached 920 thousand hectares; The volume of production is 4.4 mln. Over ton. The total cost of agriculture, forestry and fishing industry in the region is around V504 trillion.

In 2019 settlements of the region will continue emulation for new rural construction; Promote the dissemination, identification, refinement and enhancement of sophisticated models and new models for the study and application of science and technology and the inculcation of widespread energy for the introduction of technology 4.0. export.

On Friday, 2018, there will be 0 products online

On November 14, the Department of e-Commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade) will announce the launch of an online store day, which will take place 24 hours a day on December 7th – online Friday 2018. The topic "Superintendent Discount and True Quality". This year, the organizers have gained experience of VND, with more than $ 1,500 billion, two million successful orders, 5 million hits and 50 million interactive, information retrieval and acquisition.

At present, there are 3000 registered enterprises with 5,000 discounts. Online 2018 will be the first online progress program to be carried out in 2018 pursuant to Decree 81/2018 / ND-CP, which uses the maximum limit for goods and services in 2018. Sales promotion – 100%.

As a result, there are 0 copper or 80-90% discount products. In addition, the program is expected to conduct digital technologies and eCommerce practically, and is expected to take place at Hoan Kiem Lake in the weekend (from 30 to 11 and 7-12).

Decreasing business conditions did not meet the objectives

On November 14, the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) held a seminar on "Business Status Assessment: Results, Issues and Suggestions" in Hanoi. , the quality of business reductions; Updating the current situation and recommending and submitting recommendations to the competent authorities to develop policies and legislation.

At the request of the Government, ministries and sectors should reduce and present a 50% business registration, and propose to the Government to sign a Decree 31-10-2018. However, to date, 771 registries have been eliminated; others have been cut off, but 29 new businesses have been registered, which did not result in a 50% drop in business registration. From the point of view of quality, every business transaction has a negative impact on the business and business activities of the enterprise, and any business change does not have a positive effect. Many ministries of the Ministry of Industry and Trade have failed to execute this task, and have reduced the number and quality of business.

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