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Miss Lao Mae Fouong Tui's twin sister


Thursday, 29/11/2013 13:48 (GMT + 7)

In HH Supermodel, Laos's candidates have the same beauty as Miss Mae Phuong Thuy, and fans believe he has "silenced" the international beauty of the "arena".

Ms. Laos is surprised as Mau Fuong Tui's twin sister - 1

Do you know a person like ha ha ha Mao Fuong Tui if you are a candidate for these candidates? At the same time, Min Minh Tu's beauty does not interfere. With these characteristics, fans can not ask for help, but are: Mai Phuong Thuy – Minhh Tu?

Laos's twin sister is surprised by May Fuong Tui - 2

Super-country Super-2018 is really hot and hot, and many prominent and beautiful people are registered. Among them, the beautiful inhabitants of Laos pay attention when they find the Vietnamese fans, which is similar to May Fuong Tui in Miss Vietnam in 2006. They can be seen as twin sisters.

Surprisingly, Miss Lao, Mae Fong Tui's twin - 3

I like GH When I want to know super, Mae Fuong Tui happy: "False lie looks like the eyes."

Surprisingly, the twin sister of Miss Laos, Mae Fuong Tui - 4

The sophisticated face, the nose, and even the representative of Laos Mae Fuong Tui are striking. He has also been identified as a promising figure in the world's sixth beauty scene.

Miss Supernatural was first held in 2009 in Poland, in Plock, with participants from 40 countries and territories. At present, the number of beauty contests has doubled, amongst the international Miss World, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss Grand International.

Miss Supranational – Jenny Kim's (Korea) beauty. Last season, Vietnam's Hanh Fu Jong took the 25th final. The best S-shaped place on the beauty scene is Daniela Nguyen Thu May 2011 winner. The 10th Miss National Super Bowl will start on November 19. On December 7 evening, the owner of the prestigious crown will be identified. The representative of the supermodel in Vietnam Min Minh Tu is half way away, fans expect him a lot.

Mai Phuong Thuy, Bich Phuong ...

Mai Phuong Thuy, Bich Phuong, Elly Tran, Chi Pu, Ha Ho, and Vietnam's fashion breakthrough – the warmest luck in the world.

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