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My dear life is before Father dwells "Father, where do we go?" – Star

Song Ji Ah and Song Ji Wook were very happy with the parents of two sisters.

Where do you go when you add to the happiest scene?

We are not sure if every truth is learned by the TV show Father, where do you go? Taken from Korea. In this show, a married couple go on a trip, but not their mother. People are surprised to see how fathers practiced bad humor about children. Former guy John Joue Gouk, daughter of Song Ji Ah and his brother Song Ji Wook, who participated in the first part of this program.

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Song Joong Gook and his daughter Song Ji Ah.

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Song Song Ji Ah and Song Ji Wook are the most popular sisters in the show.

When attending the show program, Song Ji Ah impressed the audience with a stunning look and great fun. She is considered to be a "princess" when she is the only female member of the show. Ji Ah is honest, easy to understand and understand. He got more love from the audience. Thanks to this girl, former actress Song Joong Gook is "fragrant". Audience will give her a lot of love.

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Song Joong Gook and Park Ip Sun were glad to join the fathers.

They were family members when attending the show Father, where do you go?Song Joong Gook shared more about his family. His wife, the band Ip Sun, was also an actress and had a beautiful appearance. After the marriage, he spent a lot of time at home looking for children, not pursuing an acting career.

In the show episode Daddy, where do you go Auditors Song Joong Gook and Park Ip feel the happy life of Sun. Many people are still grateful to this famous family.

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Song Joong Gook and Park Ip Sun have 9 sweets.

But life is not a dream. In 2015, Song Joong Gook and Park Ip Sun announced that they would be divorced simultaneously, though together 9 years together. This is the cause of "breakdown". Singer Jong Gook singing with a 26-year-old woman. He even went with a man who loved Moscow, and told her that he was his sister.

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Song Joong Gook, one of the most famous rumors, caused a break in the family.

Park Ip Sung, who talked about his broken marriage,Until our Father wanted, we could not be happier, where do we go? completed. We know how we are in the program. The program started two years ago. «

Parents' Current Life

A very popular couple after the former Father, where do you go? But after their parents divorced, two songwriters Song Ji Ah and Song Ji Wook disappeared in the show. People are interested in people's lives when there is no father around them.

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My last parents video is Park Ip Sun.

Recently in reality shows Nest Escape 3, the audience has the opportunity to integrate with Song pair. Song Ji Ah now has a lot of teenage girls, and Song Ji Wook's brother is like a playboy. They both live together with their parents after divorce.

Ji Ah, who spoke to the press reporter, was still delighted to see more love from the spectators. Due to her divorce, Ji Ah was much older and more mature. She is often frightened by her two sisters, and she is ready to take care of her tragic brother. A little boy for Wickey is a bit older today and wants to be a footballer like his father, because his father was a "idol" in his heart.

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Ji Ah is too young, and Gary Wick does not change.

"Now we are not with our father, so we have to have a lot of load on our mother and we often have to help her". Ji Ah believes. She also has the time to spend time helping housewives after school.

According to Park Ip Sun, children have a good relationship with their ex-husband. Song Joong constantly calls Ghi Ahka and speaks more than his son. Of course, according to the actress, after all was over, her and her ex-husband accepted friends from each other.

"When we have good food, Ji Ah is asking our father to come to us, because we are close to home, so sometimes I give him something to eat." John Gook and I are now friends. We are no longer enemy, and now I will not offend him. " I shared the Park Ip Sun.

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Park Ip Sun loves children because it can not afford the whole family.

However, as Mother, Park Ip, she could not afford a full family, "The most difficult thing for me is divorce." Ji Ah and Gary Wick I had to be much worse. At one point, his father, who was carrying Jim's daughter in the street, cried and cried. When I see this scene my heart is broken ".

At present, three of the three parks are Jung Ah Song and Ji Wook's children, who have two children. The family situation is not the same as before, but both of them understand and love their mother. If Park Ip Sun forgives her ex-husband and treats her as a friend, Song Ji Ah and Song Ji Wook will always give her a full love even if she still does not care for her father.

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