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Not a joke with Malaysia!


Wednesday, 14/11/2018 00:15 AM (GMT + 7)

After the South-East Asian Championship in 2008, Vietnamese footballers congratulated their Malaysian counterparts and entered the AFF Cup semifinal.

The Vietnamese team Over the past decade, Thailand has been frequently encountered by its rivals when it has long broken the Thai football. Since losing to the 2009 SEA Games final winning 3-1 in the group stage, the U-23 team has opened the door to enter the competition for "kickers".

Not a joke with Malaysia! - 1

Malaysia is often ignored, but several times in the hug of Vietnamese football. Photo: QUANG THANG

Recall that the trainer Calisto helped Viet Nam to qualify for the 2008 AFF Cup and was glad to be a hero, but two years later, he was forced to resign to Malaysia for semifinals. Kaliepo left 0-2 on the semi-final in Kuala Lumpur and did not manage to beat the Malaysian style until the "Dinh" stadium and the team stopped Vietnam. .

Malaysian football is always competitive and compares with technical skills. However, while on foot, the Vietnamese team often fell ill before the sky.

Thus, at this meeting Park-seo coach always decided to ban the students from holding the match with Malaysia on May 16-11 after defeating Laos 3-0. Probably, the team makes a lot of pressure.

Four years ago, the successor of Miura, who reached the quarterfinals quarter-finals, was happy to win the AFF Cup six years ago. Vietnam reached the semifinals and won the first match in Malaysia 2-1. The famous living footage of the Witness, Wan's decision, is the author of a desk for a beautiful tariff in Vietnam, which is now working with the captain.

Heat Vietnamese team President WFH Le Hung Dung walks away: "This time, the AFF Cup Champion will overtake him!" Mr. Dong is also thinking about the latest game for Miura, the world's best teacher, because he lost the second round of the 0-1 semifinal. meet the requirements.

But why did Vietnamese players in my stadium "Dinch" start to defend, especially as fans? Van Hai and Que Ngoc Hai have made many mistakes, giving Malaysia two goals in just 15 minutes.

The opportunity to conclude short-term penalty with 1-2 points was gained by Hong Kong, but Malaysian players scored two more goals and lost hope. Cong Vinh continued to reduce the 2-4 … Cup, as the Vietnamese team suffered a trial at My Dinh. Miura coach worried. Captain Vinh did not. WFO Chairman announces suspension of arbitration …

Sportsrader investigators and sports carriers also questioned the exciting goals of the Vietnam national team. Experts explain the main reason for the analysis of the homeowner's field of study that Miura was losing to Malaysia.

Malaysian football is very difficult, but they are physically and mentally harsher than their opponents. Until the 2016 AFC Cup, the Vietnam team is still in the Malaysian capital, winning the Malaysian 1-0 win over the group stage and then semi-final and the opponent has been eliminated.

Recall the old lessons of Vietnamese football, when the teacher's teacher Hang-seo is prepared psychologically from the psychological state to the game, Malaysia's revenge is not too heavy. .

Park trainer cautious

When the coach of the Park-seo created Laos in the second round of the AFC Cup in 2018, he gave an assistant to Malaysia to explore this opponent. Then, in the morning, Park will thoroughly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the trainers and players and agree on how to deal with them. The Korean Master determines the opponent's ticket on November 16.

Basically, Malaysian football is still based on strong physical strength, toughness, quick attack, and no fear of heavy blows. The problem Vietnamese team After a week's experience, Park will be intensely occupied, and Park will be able to play in a 90-minute critical environment and choose a person.

Laos defeats Vietnam in semifinals of AFF Cup

Messi Laos teamed up with the home team in the AFC Cup.

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