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Not in a new concert, Jenny (BLACKPINK) in 2018 showed many signs of lack of viability?


The first member of the debut BLACKPINK recently denied digital music schemes in the country, hitting TWICE and BTOB to win the trophies, becoming the artist became the hottest singer on Kpop 2018's YouTube …

However, on the other hand, Jenny, especially KPOP fans, has left many bad impressions, especially in the BLACKPINK fan. First of all, this member performed a dance at the first concert of YG girls group in Korea in mid-November. After this incident, Jenny drew attention to MXH that she had a lot of criticism about the "princess" attitude.

In addition, Jenny's video compares scenic moments two years ago, compared with the current year, to avoid being there. In particular, there are some scenes not only for the concert, but also for Jenny this year. After a two-day broadcast, the video attracted more than 1.5 million viewers.

By looking at this picture, Jenny missed the choreography, and the rest of the members still …

Not only his movement, but also his defining power and power is not enough

After watching the video, the Netizens segment complained, and even Jenny's lack of professionalism on the stage, as well as the over-relief of YG forced her to offend. star disease. At the same time, they felt guilty of three other members:

"I just want to say: Lisa has hit the Real Meng 300 shotgun while hitting the butcher, but despite the high temperatures, Rosa, despite the falling stairs, extracts from DDU-DU DDU-DU and Forever Young, apologized for not being able to play, Jisoo improved singing and dancing, and Jenny suffered from star diseases.

"If I noticed that other members like Jenny were jumping, I understood that they were going to dance during the exercise, but their members were as good as Jenny.

"What did he think he was doing?" Jenny, as well as other people, jumped to the fans gently, did not respect anyone.

Unlike those of Jenny, some of them are not good at all because their clothing is inconvenient or too tight because the show lacks energy. I said:

"Perhaps Jenny may not feel well in her body, so she just jumped out."

"Most people do not criticize Jenny, perhaps because of the lack of power or discomfort in her new suit."

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