Saturday , June 19 2021

Passengers of "Tan Son Nhat" airport are not allowed

The Aviation Administration of Vietnam continued to provide the Immigration Department with a formal notification of passenger affairs. Masen Bokang John "refused entry to the airport" Tan Son Nhat "due to fraudulent passports.

According to the relevant section of the report, this hotel has very poor health, often in many cases has very dangerous symptoms that are in need of medical care.

On the other hand, those who are not allowed to enter the Tan Son-Nhat Airport are designed to keep people in the shortest possible time in a short time. That is why life expectancy does not last long. In particular, it is difficult and difficult for bad passengers.

The health of "Tan Son Nat" passengers is very bad - Фото 1.

The Aviation Department will continue to send official shipment to the Departure and Departure Office, which will provide early repudiation of a ban on entry to the country. Graphic illustrations: Worker

When faced with this situation, the Vietnamese Civil Aviation Administration requested the Immigration Departing Department to submit a payment plan to the Tung Son-Nhat border gate police. In the near future, the Tan Son Nhat Gate Police will assist passengers Masen Bokan John to help medical care and timely take action.

As a newspaper Worker Tan Son Nhat Airport, age 27-9 years, was the headmaster of a citizenship in Zimbabwe, SN 1986, by Masen Bokang John. This passenger will receive 18-8 visas from Vietnam, which will fly from Indonesia to Ho Chi Minh City.

On September 2, passengers departed from Vietnam to Japan and returned to Japan as a result of a fake passport. As a rule, this passenger must be returned to the flight point.

At present, Tan-Nad Airport, AirAsia, is responsible for cost management and feeding. Passengers have cancer.

AirAsia company has sent Massana Bokang passenger passengers to Van Boundary Gate at Tan Son Nhat. The company is also actively involved in dealing with this issue with other countries, such as Zimbabwe.

Before traveling to Vietnam, a fake passport was used on international flights in countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Indonesia.

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